October 29, 2008

me and drawing

"Sometimes it's hard enough just to find one that has
the same passion like us."
On my desk for a couple of days now.
The lines are from one moment a couple of nights ago
when I met a gorgeous old friend.
And how we talk that night! Love you, buddy.
Can't wait till we meet again in February!

PS: I won an amazing give away yesterday. yay!

October 27, 2008

me and flower patterns

this is my dress this monday morning.
very messy yet very pretty.
i think this dress represents my life lately perfectly.
i admit that i have to juggle really, really hard
for so many things in my life now
that i often find myself lost among its beauty.
yes, i guessed having way too many good things
in life does not necessarily makes you
feel content in walking towards it day by day.
at least, not in my case its not.
therefore today, i try once again to make myself have
enough determination to decides which direction
i want to take now.
wish me luck and have a superb week everyone!

October 26, 2008

sunny sunday

Still working all day at the office today. Taking pictures
from a Padang (West Sumatra) restaurant at the back
of my office and finding a kitschy compartment from this
old talcum powder brand found at this little shop near it.

Not the kind of Sunday that I like, but at the same time
just get along with it since having someone waiting at
the house patiently for me to come back soon is more than
enough today. How's your sunday, by the way?

October 25, 2008

me and that punk boy

This is my punk boy and that's (one of) his band.
Oh my how they made me proud last night when
they played together with this one band, Conquest
For Death, in their Indonesian tour.

How I am glad that I met a gorgeous old friend, and
being introduced to this one hell awesome punk couple
Robert and Karoline Collins that also come with them.
As if I'm being showered again last night on how this
whole DIY HC/Punk networking is just never fail to
kick ass! Never. Although sometimes it could be really
really tiring mentally and physically but at the end of
the day I know why I am still staying until today.

At the same time I also feel so grateful for this sweet
punk boy of mine that always kick ass on stage, on his
zines and on the way he decides to stay here with me.
I know that I will never ever want to trade this with
anything in my life now.

October 23, 2008

me and dreads

I used to have dreads for a really short time, 3,5 months.
But how I knew from then on that I LUV myself in dreads much
better than on my black thick straight hair. And I honestly wish
I could have dreads once again in my life although with Jakarta
devilish weather like today I know that I will have to be REALLY,
really patience in taking care of my dreads. But who knows, right?

And I always love hair accessories for people with dreads
because I found them very colourful, messy and crafty.
Therefore although now I have a short hair (because I have to
cut my dreads afterwards and not seemed to be able to grow
them longer again until now), I'm still into hairbands and such.

So I instantly fall in love with this etsian named Raimbowtree.
Her creations and herself looks like match made in heaven.

Go check her shop, you'll be swoon. Trust me.

me and etsy, etsy and me

Look how cool this piece from one of Etsy colomn!
I am in awe and inspired.
And apart from having and selling zillions of cool artworks,
etsy is also one inspiring community to me.
I remember the first time I bump into it
and soon become addicted to it
and slowly having this confidence
that I will have an etsy shop someday, somehow.
Yet, when I actually able to have one
I'm still craving for more out of it.
But then again, I realize that it's never been about having
the most selling stuff or most popular etsy shop either.
It's about meeting new friends and feel proud
and having a blast with your etsy shop.
Well, that's what it is to me now.
And god, how I must still left behind in doing that!
So Etsy, thank you for always being there
and pamper me everyday.
Love you.

October 21, 2008

me and drawing

This week is one of the most tiring one at the office.
I don't think I could survive if not because of my lover,
our buddies and my finger power. So I make myself
some pieces using cardboard that lays around under my
office desk in between writing copies and brainstorming
sessions. I want to put them in my small wall of inspiration
in front of my desk.

I realize that these pieces are very simple drawing on fonts
and mix of motifs but you have no idea how long I've been
really really want to make them. Maybe because I love art
piece with good messages, small size piece and also the whole
exploration on the drawing technic and all. I know, I sounds
a bit too much.

i love you, my new small wall of ideas trigger.

October 19, 2008

sunny sunday

I have to go to the office this sunday (actually, since yesterday).
But leaving my house packed with friends and a lack of sleep lover
making this bearable. and these pictures are taken from a small
restaurant near my office selling coconut sauce rice, fried chicken
and grilled fish. oh i love my life. how's your sunday, dearie?
tell me.

me and collages: pinkshirtsncarwrecks

I found this colllages by etsian named pinkshirtsncarwrecks
this morning and I inspired instantly. I like her mix of color
and papers not to mention using wood tray for the medium
of her collages. Remind me some collages that I made on a
cutting board that I made last week.

Libby, her real name, is also one of the guest blogger
of sfgrlbybay yesterday. That's where I found her.
Oups, I have a sunny sunday post to do today:)

October 18, 2008

me and photography : fabric piles

I always, always love pictures of fabric piles. Always.
I just realized that since I'm into crafter blogs lately.
I think it's really amazingly pretty to see those mix
of motifs and fabrics to see people's preferences in
fabrics. It's almost like take a peek into their closet.

Sometimes you can imagined what kind of stuff that
those fabrics should be perfect for. Sometimes you just
feel like the mix fabrics just way too pretty to be
changed. And Rosa Pomar fabric piles is always,
always oustanding.

me and journals

These two girls in red top and with a butterfly are the covers
of my sketchbook, a present from a bestfriend when she travels
in France. Before I thought the artist of these beautifully cool
artworks are French artist with the named of Matt Pasquarello.

So I google him and what I found is so much more interesting.
Matthew Pasquarello is an American artist lives in Florida, and
he's a Pisces. He's been featured in Juxtapoz magazine and other
exhibitions. Oh my, how lucky of me two have these two artworks.

me and collages: gemini is like monkey

These are two original collages that I make as a part
of a series that I put at my shop
These three are taken but you are still can pick
and choose from the other 10 pieces
that still available on my shop.

I made this out of wallpapers, old comics, origami
papers and indonesian all stamps. I call this series
Nina and they are all originals and one of a kind
handmade art. And yes, I love to do a commisioned
collage art for your enjoyment, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh did I told you I love doing an art swap too?

me and favetsy: tomokotahara

I admit that I don't like knitting and everything from
woll is make me uncomfortably itchy. Maybe because
I live in a tropical country with hot weather all the time.
But, I do love knitted stuff. I always, always fall for
corsages, bags, throws and tablecloth, those in granny
kind of style.

Therefore when I found this featured etsy seller,
Tomoko Tahara, I quickly fall for her and her craftworks.
I adore the way she explores their color and styles.
Oh my! So pretty! Great color mix and simple pattern
yet very detailed. Don't you think?

Tomoko also loves Balinese dance and she loves
to walk around her neighborhood for cat watching.
Oh isn't she interesting?

October 17, 2008

me and collages: one good bumblebee

I've know One Good Bumblebee for some time actually,
but not until yesterday I found these pretty cool
messy collages print that they sell in their shop.
I never thought of making prints out of my collages
but I think these prints definitely make me might
have another thought of it.

what do you think, dearie?

me and favetsy: susarto

These are made by an etsian under a name Susarto.
It's really interesting how I get to know her when
I was searching for zines in etsy at that time.
Later I found out more and more interesting things
about her apart from a brilliant painter and a

Susan (her real name) also make dolls that
she named them weirdos because she feels
like a weirdo herself. Susan is also very
cooperative in making my requests
on her prints exactly like I want them to be.
Now you know why she's my favorite, right?

But one most important thing is that she is
also inspires me to work harder on my
etsy shop. To make those pictures brighter,
and those description feels better so that
people will be more interested on it.

So, for the last couple of days everytime
I check on my etsy shop with the new
brighter pictures and fine tuned copy
I truly feel much better and be proud of it.
Thanks to you, weird lady!

October 15, 2008

my name is trouble

Well I've had this secret
And I feel it's time
that you should know
When I'm in your arms
it turns me on
But I've got a conscience too
And it says my heart's never in tune
With anything I do

So this is the last time
that I'll hold your hand
I want to kiss you on the mouth
and tell you I'm your biggest fan
I'm your biggest fan

I've had this secret
And now it's time
that you should know
I was wrong
to string you along

But circulating the streets
in the pulsing heat
I scoured your town,
completely aroused
And making love
to your memory

So this is the last time
that I'll hold your hand
I want to kiss you on the mouth
and tell you I'm your biggest fan

This is the last time
that I'll hold your hand
I want to kiss you on the mouth
and tell you I'm your biggest fan

Sad minion of mine
Don't be so unkind
I know I stole your coat
You can have this song I wrote

I've just crossed the line
From fashion to crime
But it's such a perfect fit
When I am wearing it

Sad minion of mine
Don't be so unkind
I know I stole your coat
You can have this song I wrote
I've just crossed the line
From fashion to crime

So this is the last time that
I'll hold your hand
I want to kiss you on the mouth
and tell you I'm your biggest fan
I'm your biggest fan
Nightmare of you

October 13, 2008

sunny sunday

me and wooden toys. how's your sunday?

October 9, 2008

me and the mail man

Look what I have received today from the mail man!
The Lebaran (like Christmas but for Moslem) card
from Miss Sunya Raw, the mega crafty chick of mine.
I love the heart picture and the color mix and pattern
is just so cool I think.

The second is two collages and Dala horse (!) from
Miss Nina in Netherland. We had a swap two months
ago and finally her package arrived today. And what
is more about it is that when I see the peacock one
on her blog I said that I really like it but never thought
it would be for me! Yay! Oh you should see the Dala
horse in person, it's gorgeous! Thank you bunches, girls!

October 8, 2008

me, today

All these scattered in my office desk.
Some will be available at my shop here
and some will be at my Etsy. Yay!

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