October 17, 2008

me and favetsy: susarto

These are made by an etsian under a name Susarto.
It's really interesting how I get to know her when
I was searching for zines in etsy at that time.
Later I found out more and more interesting things
about her apart from a brilliant painter and a

Susan (her real name) also make dolls that
she named them weirdos because she feels
like a weirdo herself. Susan is also very
cooperative in making my requests
on her prints exactly like I want them to be.
Now you know why she's my favorite, right?

But one most important thing is that she is
also inspires me to work harder on my
etsy shop. To make those pictures brighter,
and those description feels better so that
people will be more interested on it.

So, for the last couple of days everytime
I check on my etsy shop with the new
brighter pictures and fine tuned copy
I truly feel much better and be proud of it.
Thanks to you, weird lady!

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