October 23, 2008

me and etsy, etsy and me

Look how cool this piece from one of Etsy colomn!
I am in awe and inspired.
And apart from having and selling zillions of cool artworks,
etsy is also one inspiring community to me.
I remember the first time I bump into it
and soon become addicted to it
and slowly having this confidence
that I will have an etsy shop someday, somehow.
Yet, when I actually able to have one
I'm still craving for more out of it.
But then again, I realize that it's never been about having
the most selling stuff or most popular etsy shop either.
It's about meeting new friends and feel proud
and having a blast with your etsy shop.
Well, that's what it is to me now.
And god, how I must still left behind in doing that!
So Etsy, thank you for always being there
and pamper me everyday.
Love you.

1 comment:

dindie said...

wow...i wonder if someday i will have an etsy shop just like you...but i hardly manage myself to make something more than one. all the time i keep finished with just one. how did you do it?

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