December 29, 2009

trade tuesday : matt cipov


I've been a fan of Matt Cipov's art since last year when I first
found his zombie series. Well, me and some friends even.
So imagined how high I jump when he said he'd love to have
some of my prints for his hallway! Woohoo!

And not only he sent me some art prints for our swap, but
he even made me one original piece of a zombie girl! Oh wow!
Check out matt cipov amazing series of zombies and animals
at or
You will be in awe. Trust me.

December 28, 2009

me and craft : it FELT good to be back!

If you asked where all those rain drops/flower petals or
that shape of paper that I often use in my collages, they
all start from these bunch. A big bunch of felt corsages
that I used to make like crazy three years ago. And
this christmas I have been really curious to make some
tree ornaments with it so voila!

So apart of making pompoms, I have been also busy
making these new bunch of pretty ladies. I have a big
plan for them next month;)

December 24, 2009

me and you : have a cute and corny christmas!

and i'm going to spend it with the other two
witches outside the city, shopping for craft
supplies and vintage, plus making all the chaos
a three witches can pull together!hahaha!
see you sunday, my inspiring readers! hugs!

December 21, 2009

me and my etsy: pick your fave cards today!

These are my fave cards this week from the shop.
After all, they're only 10USD including shipping.
No kidding.So, pick yours now:)

December 20, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I spent this Sunday with my bestfriend first
for a belated birthday brunch and afterwards
taking my youngest sister for a long stroll in
an annual street market in the south Jakarta.

It's such a good sunny day for a market and
we found a painting stand that has such a
cool choices of things to paint on from kites,
table lamps, christmas stockings, spinner
and others. We had a blast! Yay!
Hope your Sunday is so much fun too!

December 18, 2009

me and thrifting : the new findings!

It's really a quick visit after I met a friend and
had a pancake brunch together. I just realized
how rare it is for me to find plushies or dolls
when I go thrifting in my usual market apart
from fabrics and bags, but this time look at
those two! Oh my! A rag doll! Wooohoo!

And those three pretty ladies are brand new
tea towels from Poland! Wow! What a quick
and fruitful trip I had this time at the market.
How about you, what are your latest finds?
Show me, show me!

me and craft : mad about pom poms continues...

I've been in a roller coaster mood and
conditions lately that left me almost no
time for blogging! Aack! But some of them
are good like I will be joining my first big
fair tomorrow with some friends until Sunday.

And soon I will reveal the new stuff that I'm
still making more at the moment and I
certainly wish you all will be as excited as
me when they ready to enter the etsy galore!
Have a marvelous weekend you all:)

December 12, 2009

me and collage : a collab and a new piece

I have been having a blast in the
last two days spending time making
stuff, eating and chatting away with
miss Dindiepop and her crafty fingers.

And look the collaboration that we made!
Oh how I am soo in love with it! So so cute!
Don't you agree? Can't wait to frame it
and put it at my little chaotic gallery! Yay!

December 11, 2009

me and craft : mad about pom poms!

Thanks to that magnificent Dindiepop of I have a
pom pom fever since yesterday! Yay!
I have been loving pom poms forever and
even purchased a set of tools in making
them but never actually get it how.

And I just had so many ideas now
what I am going to do with them! Woot!

December 9, 2009

me and bags : my kind of bags

Apart from being a sucker for tote bags,
these are the other kind of bags that just
make my heart skip a beat everytime I
see them. I believe you can see why I just
feel like I have to have them all:)

I will take more pictures of my collections.
These are just some of them and others that
I sell at my craft shop. What do you think?

December 8, 2009

trade tuesday : tinypaperhearts

Amanda and Mary Helen from Tiny Paper
Hearts (www.amandapandajapanese.etsy. com)
made all that pretty personal zines with
vintage pictures that I love so much!

So imagined my excitement after purchasing
some of their zines, they'd love to trade with me
too! Yay! So I sent them some of my cards
and they sent me those zines in red and blue
cover plus others! Thank you
Amanda and Mary-Helen!

December 7, 2009

me and my craft shop : a shopkeeper

As of tomorrow I will start to taking care of
my craft shop again. I even will be the shopkeeper
since the last we had just leaving right when I
returned from my trip. Interesting start, right?

I see this opportunity as a huge challenge for
myself in so many ways. I believe that I will
learn lots of new things and I just can't wait
to learn! Yay! Wish me luck, peeps!

December 5, 2009

me and my etsy: christmas cards!

A quick reminder of two christmas cards available
at the shop starting today. Let me know if you'd
like to have a couple so that I will give a special
price. Have a wonderful Saturday, peeps!

December 4, 2009

me and mecca : henna, anyone?

Henna, a popular Indian technique of coloring made of herbs, is also
very popular among Arab people. I see all kinds of henna in the
markets near my hotel in mecca. I heard they are much easier
to apply and stay longer compares to those in jakarta.
Look, even their packagings are so pretty, right?

December 3, 2009

me and mecca : ice cream cars!

I was so happy when I see them parked around
a hill that we visit when we were in mecca.
Apart from ice cream, they also sell coffee and
tea with milk, water and of course ice cream
cones in vanilla and chocolate flavours!

Aren't they just rad?

December 2, 2009

me and you: so glad to be back!

I just came back from such a mindblowing and
inspiring trip with my mother and how I can't
wait to share you all in my next posts. For now
I'm still trying to go back to my regular sleeping
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