November 28, 2008

Me and my bag: being tagged!

Yesterday, I was tagged by Nina
on the content of my bag. Being a more-than-one-bag lady
all the time, I decide to just show you what inside
my PRIMARY bag. Yes, because I usually have a secondary
bag too. I should thanks Nina for this tag, because I have never
realized how much I love to keep my stuff in small compartments
like tin can and crochet or knit pouches before until I do this.

Allright, now the first batch here are as follows:

* My screen printed fabric pencil case. I put every single collage
and writing tools in it and don't ask how heavy it is because
I keep buying more and more tool every time I see something
that I believe might useful.

* Under the pencil case, there is a small tin can with Sid Vicious
picture is for my toothpicks. Yes, it supposed to be a cigarrette box
but since I don't smoke, I just use it for other purpose.

* That red knit bag is my camera pouch. Can you believe that
I bought that pouch first way before I bought the camera?
I found it at this huge vintage market in Medan, North Sumatra.

* Next to my camera pouch is my wallet. Black leather and
simple wallet with a tiny gorgeous detail of a very expensive brand.
I bought it really, really cheap from a friend on her garage sale. Yay!

* That round crocheted pouch is keeping some keys to my shop
and my parents house. Yes, I have tons of keys everywhere I go.

* Those two Lurik (Strips Javanese fabrics) pouches held
my name card and my flash disks. Those two are gifts from a friend.

Okey, now for the second batch:

* That red and white checkers cotton organizer keeps my favorite postcards, bank books and credit cards. I found it in one regular big flea market for
a dollar.

* Below the cotton organizer is my sewing kit and measurement tape where
I put them on this traditional Portugese wallet that I found in a second hand
market for 2,5 dollars.

* Next is my red moleskine as my daily organizer.

* Below it is my handphone pouches, made of batik.

* Allright, there are three stuff on one group there.
1. An envelope of zines that I trade with Cherry Bombe.
2. My house keys.
3. My comb.

* And the last patchwork pouch keep my digital camera

Ffuih! You have no idea how long I create this post
and this could be my longest post so far on this blog.

I pass this tag to:
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The rules are:
* Take a picture of the contents of your bag and tell a bit about what's visible in the picture;
* Link to the person who tagged you (that would be me ;));
* Pass the link to three other bloggers and link to them in your post;
* Tell them!

November 27, 2008

me and my soon-to-be-open craft shop: crafters wanted!

Me and two crafty ladies, shali and tika, are opening our craft
and vintage knick knack shop very soon. we are inviting all of
you crafty creatures and vintage lovers out there to join us in
our shop called Bikin Barang (
Apart from making crafts we are also making crafts workshops
and exhibitions to encourage people to do more with their finger
and find their own finger power.
If you are interested to sell your stuff at our shop or just to meet
over a cup of good coffee and crafts making moment, please email
In the name of finger power,
(The Bikin Barang Ladies)

November 26, 2008

me and my etsy: updates!

It's really interesting how excited I was about updating
my shop until I realized that I will have way too many new
stuff in one time update if I actually go with the first plan.
So today, I decide to add some new collages first. And for
next week I'm going to put totally a new product that I am
so excited about already!

These time they all smaller than any of my previous batch
of collages in my shop and I certainly learn a lot about making
stuff that will take a really cheap cost on the delivery from Jakarta
after sometime now.

So, please do take a peek to my new stuff at the shop today.

November 24, 2008

(last week) sunny sunday

I spent five days at my parents for being really, really sick.
It's like a long holiday that I should have taken a long time
ago. Sleeping, eating and watching tv. Haven't done that ritual
for ages. If only not because I was sick. I love my family.

November 13, 2008

me and reused : customized envelopes

I am so much into writing and sending letters this week.
From saying hello to some old friends, etsy trades and blog
collaboration projects. Oh so much fun, indeed. But this idea
to customized each of the used envelopes in my office is
actually purely accidental. A pretty one, I must say.

I always have a box of round punch papers on my desk lately
and I have been wondering apart from putting them on my
collages, I haven't found something else until I did this in one
of the envelopes to covers any unnecessary writings or pictures
on the envelope so that I can reused them.

This is so much fun! Now I am so busy preparing my mails
and accesorize them like this for all kinds of envelopes. Yay!

November 12, 2008

me and family: my youngest sister

Ten things I love about widya rahmaningrum:

1. Her huge understanding on our parents.
2. Her talents in art. She's a violinist, crafter and writer.
3. Her confidence in deciding what's wrong and right for herself.
4. Her faith on her long-distance lover. They both sixteen.
5. Her nickname for me. It's my zine distro name!
6. Her love for food and fashion.
7. Her opinions and views towards things around her.
8. Her talents in cooking and food decorating.
9. Her big nose and black thick eyebrows.
10. Her understanding on her two elder sisters.

I am so lucky to have a youngest sister as cool as you:)

November 9, 2008

me and sharing: a giveaway!

I have a pair of pencil case and totes from any of these
vintage dresses PLUS a surprise bonus to give away.
Just leave me a comment on my shop or blog and I will
withdraw it on the 1st of December.
This is my first giveaway and I'm so excited!

(not so) sunny sunday

I just realized that Jakarta now is starting to have
its rainy season. Therefore it is a bit difficult to get
sunlight that really shine in full and beautiful. It's
cloudy almost every day and rain hard almost every
night. Nice but not nice for taking pictures.

And I'm still working at the office today, but before
that I manage to go to the market near my house
to do some craft shopping and all. Wonderful. Oh,
and I did a little collage too last night in between
playing scrabble and eating cakes with my lover and
one of our bestfriend.

How's your Sunday? Hope they are peacefully pretty.

November 8, 2008

me and my etsy, my etsy and me

I have been excitedly busy updating stuff
for my etsy this week. I decide not to really
focus my shop only for one type of items but
just everything that I want to put it there.
I know this might not be a good idea,
but I definitely love to give it a try.

I am really having a good time trying things out
in my etsy actually. From pick and choose the items,
taking their pictures, analyzing the prices, and other
elements about it. I know that I am not 'there' yet
but I am really proud of what have I done there so far.

These are collages that I'm thinking of making
them into postcard set and I will be put on my etsy.
What do you think of these? Three of them are
not for sale on my etsy therefore this postcard
set is really one of a kind.

November 6, 2008

me and my fingers

These are things scattered on my office desk.
Yes, I do lots of things in between my job everyday.
They are a really, really good distractions and balance
from my office madness lately.

Some are new collages for my etsy, one is just this
new theme of drawing meet collage that I am into
and one is one exciting collaboration artwork project
with one of my office mate.

So grateful having these all ten and healthy fingers
with way too short nails. How about your fingers?
What have they made so far? Tell me.
I'd love to know.

me and favetsy: marmee craft

I bet many of you already familiar with her, marmee craft.
I know that I have been her fan from the first time I bump
into her blog and still can't get enough of her craftworks.
I think there are some artists that has a very distinctive style
but not all of them are inspirational. Well, at least to me.

What I meant by inspirational is not only her drawing style
that I feel inspired to but also her life. The way she loves to
live close to the forest and everything about it. The way
she makes lots of her dresses in that victorian style and
how gorgeous her Frida Kahlo hair!

Marjorie, thank you for sharing all your pretty finger power
arts and sharing your one of kind of life with me through
your blog.

November 3, 2008

me and favetsy: whileshenaps

I am totally in awe when I first find this one etsian.
I mean there is no way I could even imagined being
as neat as she is. Those dolls, fabrics, collages and

She makes all these while her daughter naps, so
that's where the etsy shop name came from. Sweet.
I wish I can have one of her piece someday.

Go check her out, you will be swoon. All of you.
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