April 5, 2011

Finally! Yay!

Thank you for being such an awesome readers and following this blog.
Now I welcome all of you to check out my new blog and I hope you
enjoy your stay as much as you enjoy your stay here.

December 16, 2010

A way too late announcement

Dear you,

Since I couldn't no longer upload more pictures to this blog,
so I will have a new one on January, 1st. I think a new blog
for a new year is a superb idea! Right?

So, meanwhile I'm preparing for it you always welcome to
see my online gallery , tumblr and of course my shop and
follow my twitter for the latest updates!

Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone!

Karena saya sudah tidak lagi bisa mengunduh foto di
blog ini maka mulai tahun depan saya akan membuat
blog baru. Sebuah blog baru di tahun baru! Ide yang
sangat pas kan?

Sementara menunggu, silahkan mengunjungi galeri maya,
etsytumblr ataupun follow twitter saya, teman teman!


October 31, 2010

me and collage: thank you, Rosemary!

I have been really really lucky in doing paper swap
with some collage artist in etsy, including this one
of course. Rosemary found my shop one day and
after she contacted me for a purchase order I said
that I would love to do a paper swap with her and
she said yes. And now from one envelope of paperie
that she sent me, I have made this piece. Rosemary
thank you so so much! So glad we met through etsy!
Oh available at my etsy as art print and mouse pad:)

Kolase yang saya buat dari kertas yang dikirimkan
Rosemary kepada saya. Kami bertemu di etsy dan
setuju untuk saling mengirimkan kertas-kertas dengan
tema dan warna yang kami sukai. Bagus sekali sebagai
art print dan mouse pad, tersedia disini tentunya:)

October 24, 2010

me and thrift finds: lithograph posters

I have been really really lucky to be given these posters
as a gift and apart from these two series there are more
of them with much more beautiful pictures that I will share
with you later. They all Lithography posters from the 1800's
and I certainly wish you can see them in person. They all
just stunning!

Saya beruntung sekali mendapatkan poster-poster Litografi
ini sebagai hadiah beberapa minggu lalu. Dan ini hanyalah
beberapa dari poster Litografi yang saya dapatkan dalam
beberapa minggu terakhir ini. Tentu saja saya tidak sabar
untuk segera memperlihatkan poster-poster lainnya!
Tunggu ya:)

October 21, 2010

me and friends : they live in this chaotic yet pretty space

There is this one space in Jakarta that everytime I come
there I will always find tons of things to take pictures of
and they all turned out just so much fun and colourful!
There live my talented friends where we used to make
and do stuff together and this year they will celebrate
their 10th year anniversary! Congrats guys!

Ruang Rupa adalah salah satu tempat di Jakarta yang
menurut saya setiap kali saya memotret disana hasilnya
pasti akan selalu tidak biasa. Dan tahun ini mereka akan
merayakan ulang tahunnya yang ke 10! Selamat teman-teman!
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