February 26, 2010

me and my etsy: some framed originals


I have framed some of my originals on this
beautiful wooden frame handmade in Bali.
Some of them already at the shop ready
to be hang at your favorite corner or send
as a gift for your favorite person.

I will keep adding these batch so please
do come by often at htpp://www.vantiani.etsy.com

February 25, 2010

trade thursday : loudmouse


These stuff makes me fall in love with Loudmouse and
they have such a cool banner too. I customized that one
tea towel on the first picture with my name on it.

There are more other cool stuff on their shop,
check it out for yourself at http://www.loudmouse.etsy.com
and other shops as well. Thank you for trading with me!
So glad we met through etsy:)

February 24, 2010

me and collection : matroyshka


I have such a small collection of matroyshka doll. As you can see
here there are only six of them. Five of them I bought here in
Jakarta from my regular craft supply shop upto an annual craft
fair. But that one on the right is my favorite. It came all the way
from Moscow and there is a little bell inside her that will tingle
when she's being move around like dancing!

February 23, 2010

me and my etsy : bunches of new postcards!

Available starting today at my http://www.vantiani.esty.com

me and reuse: visit to a second hand clothing shop


I went there to accompany my good friend that has
never been there. I haven't been there for months and
it's interesting to see that what attracts my eyes are
not those clothes being sold there but instead those
rejected bunches:)

February 21, 2010

me and mecca : their fancy camels

These camels are mostly hang around at the mountain
areas where mostly visited by people about to pay
respect to a cave, cemetery or statue around it.
I feel sad actually seeing how heavy these camels
being accessorized(?) by their owners just to look
fun and pretty to attract those people to ride them.

I mean look at all those carpets and other dangling
things they put on them! Imagined walking up and
down the mountain with those things PLUS someone
riding on your back? There.

me and their home : my art

I met Loudmouse (www.loudmouse.etsy.com) in an etsy chat
and we agreed on doing a swap. I really like her shop, she has
so many fun and creative stuff PLUS I think her banner is so cute!
I got myself a custom tea towel with my name on it and
she choose my Faraway Heart art print.

And yesterday she sent me a link to her blog with pictures of
her etsy art wall.Can you see my framed print on the first row?

Oh thank you, Rachael! So glad we do this swap! Yay!

February 20, 2010

me and ubud : their beach

Oh the beach! It called White Sand Beach and how it
perfectly describe it. I haven't been to a beach for
swimming and all for years and this is what I got? Woot!
We went there on my first week in Ubud and spent
the whole Sunday swimming, reading, sun bathing and
snorkling for the first time!

It was 1,5 hour drive from Ubud and its worth every
second of the trip I tell you. The place is pretty secluded
by this small village and a wood to reach it but once you
were there, you will never want to leave. Trust me.
Love to get back there when I'm in Ubud next time.

February 16, 2010

me and ubud : their handmade plushies

These are just some fabric plushies made of scraps
that I often see at my regular seamstress or at the
market. There is one more creature that I forgot
to take picture of it but these four I hope it's pretty
clear to show creative and fun those local Ubud
crafters are:)

Oh the third picture is actually a sling bag too!
And my favorite is the second picture while I
bought one of those clowns a long time ago
and just loving it!

February 15, 2010

me and ubud: my sister's little forest

I will leave Ubud on Wednesday, back to Jakarta.
I've been having such a tremendous wonderful time
thanks to my succulent sister, her friends and of course
her shiny little forest that I walk by every morning
before having a breakfast with her.

Oh, do you notice how often I post nature's pictures
on this space since I'm in Ubud? And for all these,
I should be back soon;)

February 14, 2010

me and ubud : those four days before today

I almost didn't get out of my room at all due to my last days
of detox. So what I was doing are making stuff, reading,
taking pictures or watching DVDs.
I am sooo proud of myself to be able to finished it! Yay to me!

me and you : happy valentine's day!

I don't celebrate valentine's with my lover,BUT I do believe that
a celebration of love is always a good celebration, right?
So have a vantastic valentine's day, my friend!

February 10, 2010

me and craft: pom pom flowers!

That's the gorgeous tutorial that I learned in making them.
Apart from having an order from another etsian for a bouquet
for her room, I was so so happy with the way turned out!

So yesterday, in a rainy afternoon I just finished a bouquet of
ten of them when suddenly a friend text me and asked me out.
But when we met I brought along the bouquet because I need
to buy a vase for them...what happened then, she bought them!
Yay! And today I will definitely make more!
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