October 25, 2008

me and that punk boy

This is my punk boy and that's (one of) his band.
Oh my how they made me proud last night when
they played together with this one band, Conquest
For Death, in their Indonesian tour.

How I am glad that I met a gorgeous old friend, and
being introduced to this one hell awesome punk couple
Robert and Karoline Collins that also come with them.
As if I'm being showered again last night on how this
whole DIY HC/Punk networking is just never fail to
kick ass! Never. Although sometimes it could be really
really tiring mentally and physically but at the end of
the day I know why I am still staying until today.

At the same time I also feel so grateful for this sweet
punk boy of mine that always kick ass on stage, on his
zines and on the way he decides to stay here with me.
I know that I will never ever want to trade this with
anything in my life now.

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