October 21, 2008

me and drawing

This week is one of the most tiring one at the office.
I don't think I could survive if not because of my lover,
our buddies and my finger power. So I make myself
some pieces using cardboard that lays around under my
office desk in between writing copies and brainstorming
sessions. I want to put them in my small wall of inspiration
in front of my desk.

I realize that these pieces are very simple drawing on fonts
and mix of motifs but you have no idea how long I've been
really really want to make them. Maybe because I love art
piece with good messages, small size piece and also the whole
exploration on the drawing technic and all. I know, I sounds
a bit too much.

i love you, my new small wall of ideas trigger.


KJ said...

I think they're great! Isn't it the most satsifying feeling when you have an idea in your head, something you've wanted to create for so long...then, suddenly, there it is, a real thing that you can share with the world?

Ooooh, and I love the quote in your sidebar! Time is always running out, isn't it?

Take care,

Liliput said...

lots and lots of hugs

vantiani said...

@KJ, thank you for your comments. You have no idea how meaningful it is during this time of the week in my office. Yes, times is always seemed to run out,right? Hugs.

@Liliput, you know that there is English word for it. It spells Lilliput. Interesting eh?

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