June 30, 2009

Tuesday Trade : Anna of Grimm

I am so glad that Anna add my flickr to hers.
Because what I found of her craftworks are just
so so gorgeous. And that first piece is what my
trade with Anna. Look how cool she is!

Anna lives in Hamburg, German and apart from
making collages and embroideries, she's also into
quiltings, drawing, painting and collecting. Just check
out her flickr to see more of her amazing craftworks
and her lovely studio. Thank you so much, Anna!

June 29, 2009

me and markets: four in one day

Just want to share you some pictures from my most busiest last
Saturday, from going to so many markets from craft supplies to
flea markets. From a shopping mall for a haircut to a huge second
hand market. Oh my! What a day! And how I love going to the
markets, especially the traditional one.

How about you, what is your favorite market, peeps?

June 28, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I'm at my parent's house since Saturday night helping them out
with this huge catering order for Sunday morning. So this morning
when I woke up before having my breakfast and going to the office
afterwards (yes, I had to go the office today. Boo!), these are what
I see around me while talking to them and my youngest sister.

And how about your Sunday, love?

June 25, 2009

me and my shoppe: an A3 prints

these two posters are available starting today at the shoppe.
hope you love them. have a wild weekend, everyone!:)

June 24, 2009

me and crafts : making garlands!

Have you ever obsessed about an idea but never actually get
a complete picture around it until certain moment in your life?
That's exactly what happened with me and garland. Last night
at twelve I suddenly, want to make them when I was just
arrived home. Speaking of an idea moment here! Haha!
So today I checked some garlands in Etsy and look
what I found! Oh my!

The first one is CottageInTheSun.etsy.com, she uses tin for the
material. Rad. The second is trophies.etsy.com and the third
one is gentlearts.etsy.com. And I'm glad to find their shoppe
because they all making other beautiful craftworks also.

June 23, 2009

me and crafts : making, buying, selling

Apart from making collages and sewing patches, I have been also
into designing and making other stuff with some awesome friends.
I don't do machine sewing but I love to upcycle fabrics and stuff.
These are some stuff that I designed and sell them here

I make tote bags from old tshirts, oil cloth, vintage dresses and
rice sacks. I'm also love screen printing and put them in vintage
hankies. My other stuff that I sell there include vintage findings
like glasses, lamps, pillow cases and throws, enamel trays and I
believe that there are more to come. So now you know where all
those flea market shoppings go apart from my own home:)

June 22, 2009

me and collage: three new pieces! yay!

The piece with so many stamps on them is for two of
my good friends. They're going to get married next year
but I'm thinking of making them a way early wedding present.
And the third one was finished last Saturday with the idea of
turning it into a party invitation note cards. What do you think?

While second one with fabric and paper on it is a small series
of three pieces. This is the first piece. And those two will soon
available at my shoppe as print and cards. Sweet.

June 21, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It's amazingly sunny. Lovely, but put me in such a mood
that I decide to run to the my fave craft shop after a short
visit to my parents, to had my big glass of iced caramel latte
and chatting away with Miss T until seven PM. Then I went
back home to finished some new pieces. Yes, some. Pretty
productive weekend, I will say. How about yours, dear?

June 19, 2009

me and my etsy : happy pick and choose!

After seeing the wonderful feedbacks on my cards during the last
Yart Sale, I decide to make a set of four blank cards of your choice
in such a sweet price of 10 USD including shipping.

Now, which are your most fave four then?
Just click on 'blank cards' on the section of my shoppe.
There are more than fifty designs there at the moment.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Oh, I almost forgot! I'm being featured on this neat blog
Thank you, Maggie! I love it.

June 18, 2009

me and etsy : happy birthday, baby!

Etsy is a Gemini. Just like me. The difference is she's such a young
lady of 4 year old, and I'm a 34. Speaking of age difference. But!
Not even once I feel there is something called GAP between me
and etsy. I mean, she understands me so well with all those
storque articles and tips. Things that she likes are most of the
time the same like the one that I like. We send each other quizes
of what we need once in awhile and she knows exactly how to
make a sale in my shoppe feels more like a festival than price
reduction season! What a pair of friends we are, I tell you.

Anyway, happy birthday etsy! Thank you for being you.


June 17, 2009

me and etsian: CakeEaters

I love embroidery, and I love Katie's. Well, I love her blog too
actually. And Katie loves chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
Plus, the best part of cake that she loves is the cake itself.
Of course. Oh my! So many love exchanges her between
Katie and me. Yay! Who is Katie again, you may ask..

"My name is Katie Baird and I am a sophomore at Millikin
University in the oh so charming city of Decatur Illinois.
I am currently earning a BFA commercial art/computer
design degree with an emphasis in drawing.
I spend most my time doodling, embroidering,
making softies, knitting, eating olives, paper cutting,
and staring at my bun Rothko.
other interests include antique collecting, coffee,
worms, animal teeth, lemons, patron saints, lomography,
x-rays, trumpet solos, veladoras, fishing lures,
ornate gold things, cute animals, typography,
vintage children’s book illustrations, feathers,
peppermint, tap dancing, side shows, sea glass,
apothecaries, teacups, totem poles, and marigolds."

Such an interesting lady, right? And to know more
about her you can go here http://www.katieeatscake.com/
Oh you will be swoon, I know you will!:)

June 16, 2009

me and books: Tini Series

I've find out that this one famous series of children books
by Marcel Marlier and Gijs Haag that we have the Indonesian
version of it, apparently its getting really difficult to find.
And I'm glad that I'm still being able to rescue some of these
books at my mom's house among my youngest sisters books
and magazines.

I've start to collect this in 1980's and I noticed that several
books especially the best ones are missing or had the pages
torned apart. What a sad, sad fact. Oh well, then there is one
more reason to go to the second book shops then:)

Oh and I'm so happy to find a flickr group on Marcel Marlier
Illustrations. Here http://www.flickr.com/groups/347645@N25/

June 15, 2009

me and collage: a new love series cards

There are four of this card available in my shoppe this week.
Supposedly made for Valentine's this week but I only being
able to finished them last week. I learn to draw and here are
some of those attempt. Hope you like them:)

June 14, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I know this will be a busy Sunday but honestly I never thought
that it will be THIS busy. Thanks to Yart Sale, I have several
orders to prepare that makes me spent several hours at the
printing shop waiting for my cards to be finished. Before it, I
went to my fave craft shop to drop off some gorgeous vintage
enamel trays to be sold there.

Earlier I went to my regular flea market and finished one big
piece that the print should be ready soon at the shoppe. Plus,
I have a new really interesting piece on the way that I made
last night. Oh did I tell you that today is the last day
of my yart sale for a free shipping for everything?
Yes, so now go and grab something, darling!

June 13, 2009

me and collage : Pretty Octopusy!

What I love most about this piece are those two red
color papers from local cigarette packs that I used.
I finished it last Thursday night and the A4 art print
of this piece will available tomorrow at my shoppe.

June 12, 2009

me and etsian: spacejam

Alexandra aka spacejam (http://www.spacejam.etsy.com/) sent
these yesterday. Oh how I love them! Since this is the first time
someone sent me pictures with my arts displayed on their house.
It gives you an interesting tingle in your heart, I tell you.

I met Alexandra through etsy chat and we've been friends ever
since. She's a Russian who lives and works in German, therefore
she has so many gorgeous vintage stuff from Russia and other
parts of the world in her shop. Thank you so so much, Alex!

June 11, 2009

me and books: masquerade

Can you imagined my excitement finding this book in between
piles of other books in a second hand bookshop that I used to
visit on weekend. Its amazing illustration on the cover instantly
swoon me. But apart from its illustrations, there are many other
beautiful things about this book when I read it later on.

Tara Heinemann aka Kit Williams making this book in three years
from the picture and the story. There is a hidden riddle inside the
story to find a prize, which is a golden hare adorned with precious
stones and faience. This extraordinary jewel made by Kit Williams
himself out of 18-carat-gold, lies buried in a ceramic container.
The jewel will belong to whoever discovers its hiding place.

Solutions to the riddle can be sent to Kit Williams c/0 Schocken
Books. Kit Williams will send, at his expense, an airline ticket to
England to the person who solves the riddle. Now, this book is
made in 1979 and published in 1980...shouldn't be any winner
by now do you think? Hmm...what a storybook, right? I'm so glad
I find it. Yay!
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