January 30, 2009

me and collages: inspiring artist

things that i love about lisa congdon:
* i love her collage works, all those colors mix just awesome!
* i love her California Tattoo.Such a cool fonts and color.
* i love her mom. She's the coolest mom I have ever read about.
* i love her shop. especially during their first year and her School
Daze exhibition there. their cloud decor is marvellous!
* i love her age when she decides to make art and live out
of it. really, really inspiring.
* i love her gocco pieces. she always seemed to find the
coolest lines in a cool handwriting fonts.
* i love to have one of her original one day.

Notice how many 'cool' word i put on this post?

me and fabric: friday fabulous fabric!

finally i decide to start my new weekly column. yay!
like the title said i will talk about fabrics and everything
related to it that i like and inspiring. as a sucker for
flower motifs, african batik and vintage fabrics i am
really excited about this column!

now i present you an etsian with the name of wordzoflife
that creates pretty simple heart shape fabric scraps
but somehow totally swoon me from the first time i
found her shop.

me and craft: i feel felt

these are my first two felt corsage that i make like four
years ago or so. i was really into them and even obsessed
as seen on that blog in the right side bar called felt corsages
project. but then i stopped for a few years until last night.
yes, last night i start to see piles of felt surround me like
years ago. let see what i can come up with next week,
shall we?

January 29, 2009

me and myself: in vector we trust

the illustrator in my office make this for his
children book project. i don't really like vector
but i have to admit this one turn out really cute.
don't you think?

me and blogging: look what i have learned

* i like the pictures in medium size
* i like each post has picture not more than five
* i like the pictures either all in horizontal or vertical
* i like to edit and edit until the english feels right
* i like having at least once a month giveaway
* i like to have more regular columns
* i like to see what my previous blog looks like
* i like to admit i wish i could write better english
* i like to admit i wish i take better pictures
* i like to see what i have come so far in it

so, what do you like about your blog?

January 28, 2009

me and life: ideas for 2009

big ideas:
1. the sisters
2. that sweet punk boy
3. making art
4. finishing those unfinished business
5. that trip for mom

small ideas:
1. a poetry and collage fanzine
2. the zine distro
3. the craft shop and the space
4. walk more
5. share more

PS: Pictures courtesy of my vintage
postcard collections.

January 27, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I spent my whole weekend in a commercial
shoot. How glad I am that we spent the whole
sunday on this old graceful house.

January 23, 2009

me and art: my wall of wonder

i know it's too dark but i insist to show them off.
because they are my own tiny wall of wonder.

me and flowers: red roses

Being a sucker for flower
patterns, motifs, pictures
but not the real flowers itself.
These are my tiny collection
of old postcards with red roses
in it. How about you?
What kind of flowers that you
like only in pictures?

January 22, 2009

me and collages: my lover ahmahzing collage piece!

I really really I wish I could explain to you all on how
cool this collage is. Look at the first picture. It's one
sunny day on the street with people and police officer
talk to one of them. Yes, they both have a skull face.

Now the second picture. Apparently there is a small
black box that can be open on the left corner with
the Death title on the cover and pictures of dead
bodies in it. Yes, it's scary but awesome still.

And it's getting better on the third picture as slowly
we can move the whole scene on the police and people
up, to see totally a different view of a war scene in
black and white!

Awesome, right? Oh baby, you rule.

me and collages: being part of a fantastic love treasury

Elisa, thank you so much for making me part of your fantastic
treasury of love with some other inspiring artists that I adore.
I am really flattered. Thank you for making me day.

January 21, 2009

me and blogging : being a featured blogger for the first time

This morning I open my etsy and find this sweet surprise
email from a fellow etsian named Joyce of
an interestingly pretty jewelry and I really like her blog
with all those white color and chinese writings all over it.

Anyway, she told me in her email that she's done this to me:
and that's the first time I'm being a featured blogger! yay!
So thank you Joyce and I love that question that you
ask me on Hongkong! I certainly wish I can go there someday!

January 20, 2009

me and collages: what kind of art is that?

art that i can not be apart with
because it is makes me jump out
of the bed with happiness in the
morning and washed
my little sadness away.

yes, that's my kind of art.

January 19, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I'm still playing a shopkeeper role at my craft
shop and help a buddy to decorate a present for
his girlfriend. Interestingly, that one sad sunday
too for me although I couldn't tell you why exactly.
So how about your Sunday?

January 18, 2009

me and crafts: some old stuff

i love tote bags therefore i make several kinds of them.
not that i sew them since i don't do machine sewing,
but i love picking up the fabrics, design them, thinking
of words of pictures that i will embroidered or silk
screen on them and such. 

and i make wristlet clutch once from a vintage fabric
for an office job. it's supposed to be a benefit bag for 
a drugs free NGO in Indonesia. i really am happy with
how it turned out although afterwards i don't know 
when will i ever make such a clutch again.

i love vintage hankies. i made that pillow cushion
with two big hankies and a white pom pom. it
turned out so cute! but at the same time i realize
that to find the right size and motifs of hankies that
perfect to be mix match together is definitely not
easy. therefore i haven't make any until now.

January 17, 2009

me and life: i love you

because you have made me completely lose my mind once.

January 15, 2009

me and collages: ACEO for Valentine's

Some new original ACEO that I made in the name of love.
Yes, they available in my shiny little colorful etsy today.

January 14, 2009

me and collages: a bunch of new pieces!

What is the most interesting part about making this
new bunches? I make them on my office desk waiting
for my friend so that we could go home together to
save some money. Who says waiting is sucks?:)

me and books : In Search Of The World

A happy person is an attractive person.

January 13, 2009

me and etsy: madeofjacinta treasury!

One night on Etsy chat room I met this girl
that makes such a beautiful brooches.Her
shop called Madeofjacinta. And I fall in love
with her shop obviously and she is also
fall in love with my shop. Ain't that sweet?

So we both decide to do a little pretty trade
of our stuff in each shop. But apparently
Miss Elisa also put me in her beautiful and
fun treasury! Oh my!

Thank you so much Miss Elisa of Madeofjacinta.
Glad we meet and chat that night.
And etsy, oh how I love thee:)

me and collages: take a peek on a new series

Remember my Nina series? This one called the Mimi series.
It will be about five pieces as the start. But I really like what
I've seen so far so we'll see how they all will turn out:)

There are some original pieces on my Nina series available
also two of its postcard set at www.vantiani.etsy.com.
Oh and my apology for the lighting, Jakarta has been having
a really really heavy rain for the last couple of days. Brrr!
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