May 31, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I went to my parents house since Saturday.
And it's interesting how I always love to take pictures in their
laundry area. Now, how about your Sunday?

May 29, 2009

Comrade Collage Column: Michelle Lanter

Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for taking this opportunity to be featured on my blog. I am a pretty new collage artist therefore I always love to bump into another one especially with such an inspiring techniques, materials and concept. So, let’s start with the interview now shall we?

1. Please tell me a bit about yourself and how you are first finding collage as one of your creative expressions?
I am a self-taught collage artist living and working in Houston, Texas in the United States. I've always had a love affair with paper. I have an ever growing collection of vintage ephemera and collage is a way for me to give the pieces new life.

2. Tell me about your creative process in making a collage? Is there any specific ritual or just wait for the inspirations to come or any other way?
I consider collage a form of play. I love to spread my toys (my ephemera) on the floor and play with them until an image comes together. I tend to work intuitively and I lose all track of time when I'm collaging.

3. What kind of materials that you have been using or even try out after all these time? How many of them is actually works and are there any failures?
I love all types of paper. I've recently started using vintage maps in my work. They make awesome backgrounds. I've had a few failures with very old and fragile papers, but the great thing about collage is that it is easy to cover up or incorporate mistakes into the final piece.

4. Apart from making collages, are there any other craftworks that you make?
I love to dabble with lots of craft projects but most of them involve collage in some way.

5. Now, let’s talk about selling the craftworks. Does it take a long time for you to decide that you can sell your collages or even actually live out of it?
I've done well selling my collage work on Etsy. I've been able to send my collages all over the world.

6. I notice that several collage artists are also into making and selling kits and organize workshops. I love doing workshops and hoping to have more next year. How about you?
It's something I would consider but right now I'm keeping busy with creating collages and running my Etsy shop.

7. Have you done any exhibitions? Would you like to tell us what was it like?
My work is going to be part of a collage exhibition that will be taking place in Manchester, England. The exhibit will run from February 24th until April 4th 2009. It will be my first exhibition and I'm very excited about it.

8. I’ve notice also that there are so many medium where we can put our collages in apart just make them into wall-hanging or ACEO. How about you? What kind of medium that you’ve used or plan to use for your collages?
I really love ACEOs and I've created over 1000 of them. I also enjoy collaging canvas, postcards, boxes, and jewelry.

9. What do you like most about making collages? Is there anything that you don’t like about it?
I love being able to combine images and turn them into something completely new and different. The only thing I don't like is not having enough time to create collage.

10. Any last words? And please share us your email, shop, gallery or anything that you would like to share with us.
Thank you for interviewing me. I've had fun answering your questions. My Etsy shop address is: I also spend a lot of time on Flickr and I love making new Flickr friends. You can find me on Flickr at:

May 28, 2009

me and friends : our cups of coffee

I love our cups of coffee. Yours is black, mine is light brown. You will mostly make your own, while I prefer to buy them at those cafes. Yours is hot and mine is iced. And we both such a hopeless coffee addicts.

I love our cups of coffee. It's like a sign for a quiet or loud moment between us. Yours with drawing and reading, mine with cutting and gluing. Sometimes we play scrabbles in between. And we will happily share our coffee with whomever that came along that day.

Oh how I love our cups of coffee! Because they will make us talk longer, laughs more and making more arts.

May 27, 2009

me and work : beautiful two days

I had a commercial shoot at this pretty little chinese temple
last month. I have never been into one and I am in total awe
of all those little details and colors in the whole place, outside
and inside the temple.

me and giveaway : and the winners are...

Congratulations you two!
And thank you so much for the others who has joined in.

May 26, 2009

me and freebies : gorgeous wallpapers

frankie magazine rocks. here's one of the reason why.
get them free here

May 25, 2009

me and collage : a new pretty piece

The A4 print of this is available now at the shop.
And have a marvelous Monday, lovely peeps!

May 24, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I have three pieces of collages that I have to submit today
for an art book that will be launch together with a new single
by a friend's band this month. So here I am, spending the
whole Sunday that's totally not sunny and quickly turn into a
rainy one in their headquarter that's also one of the most
active art space in Jakarta. Sweet!

Now, is your turn to tell me about your Sunday.

May 22, 2009

me and holiday : a busy one

yesterday was a holiday and i have four collages to be finished.
so i what i did were surround myself with scraps and paperies,
taking a break just for coffee in the morning and breakfast
plus dinner at night and keep cutting and gluing from 12 AM
to 10 PM!

and i haven't been able to finished those collages that supposed
to be submit tomorrow for an art book, BUT..i did manage to have
one new piece that the A4 print now available in my etsy;)

May 20, 2009

me and giveaway: two art prints!

I have TWO 5 x 7 print of this piece waiting to be send to
her new home. I made this piece when I was really sad
and I believe that every single emotion is inspiring in
its unique way. Now, tell me what is your most inspiring
state of emotion to make things. Leave me a comment and
I will draw the TWO WINNERS next Wednesday. Deal?

And my favorite state of emotion in making things are sadness
and longing. Somehow it drives me in a good way those two:)

May 19, 2009

me and art: i love you

I love my art. I love it for always being there when I need a room to ease my anger, confusion and sadness. I love it for quietly holding me from falling down because of my own stupidities. I love it for making me jump out of the bed in the morning and making me just can’t wait to go home to make some more.

I love my art. I love it for showing me how powerful yet shallow I can be because it’s all in my own hands at the end. My ten nail-bitten small fingers. I love it for telling me again and again that it’s never been about material possessions or money I have in my pocket. I love it how a scissor, a tube of glue and piles of scraps could make me feel so full of life. Or your pencil, eraser and paper do to you. Maybe.

I love my art because it comes from every single side of me, myself and I. Nothing more, nothing else. And I know you love your art too. Thank you for sharing it with me and let me sharing mine with you.

me and work: wonderful outdoor shoot

honestly, i rarely enjoy any of my commercial shoot.
except for this one. we were shooting for three days.
two days at this gorgeous chinese temple and one day
at this soccer field and an old navy house complex.
this is the greenery around that house.

do you realize how rare you see nature in my blog?
i admit that that i love leafs, lots of them. but not
flowers, baby. i just don't like them as my objects.
but i love flower markets though. i know, i'm weird.

May 18, 2009

me and collage: two new pieces!

I made these two last weekend. Still using trash packs
around the house and having another big piece on
the way too. Oh my! How addicted I've become! Yay!

Another happy news is my ACEO's has arrived safe for
and now I am in the middle of another art project with
some amazingly talented friends.

These two prints are available at my shop now:)

Sunny Sunday

The last weekend for a dear friend of mine here before he's going
back to German. We spent them with craft supplies shopping,
watching movie, drinking coffee, going to galleries, making art,
playing scrabbles and had a picnic at the park with some
of our friends until midnight. So long lovely buddy! Till we met again!

May 15, 2009

me and home : my tiny front yard

It's funny how much I love my tiny and messy garden.
Those murals were made by my late cousin couples of
months before he passed away. I have been living at this
house for four years now. A friend said I shall move out
this year for this house has lost its magic.

This house is still the best house I have ever rent so far.
Perfect for everything a house should be. For me and
my friends who loves to hang out there. So many stories.
So many happiness. So many heartaches. So many laughes.
So many fights. So many meaningful bits and pieces like
a perfect home should be. I love you my big pink coccoon.

May 14, 2009

me and collage: It Called Pretty Trashy!

Inspired by this project
I made this A4 piece using four pieces of snack packs in
four days. I really really am impressed with the result
since I never thought that the color mix will work out
this beautiful. Oh how I am going to start
a new series with this one! Yay!

An A4 art print of this piece is available at my etsy.

May 13, 2009

me and work: making ACEOs

these are what i am making today at my office desk.
it's a new mix of my hand drawing and collages.
what do you think? i'd love to trade them if you want.

me and book: mother's favorite lullaby

there is this one second hand bookshop that i always
visit everytime i go to ubud, bali. the name of this
bookshop is Cinta, means love in english. it's really
interesting how i always find a beautiful illustrated
children book every time i check it out.

just like this one. i always love lino cut and wood cut
art so imagined how happy i was finding this book.
geri greinke ( and her gorgeous
linoleoum cut prints. it's so worth it for my 5 dollars.
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