October 29, 2008

me and drawing

"Sometimes it's hard enough just to find one that has
the same passion like us."
On my desk for a couple of days now.
The lines are from one moment a couple of nights ago
when I met a gorgeous old friend.
And how we talk that night! Love you, buddy.
Can't wait till we meet again in February!

PS: I won an amazing give away yesterday. yay!


Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous drawing.

Liliput said...

Ika ini bagus sekali collagenya

vantiani said...

I am so happy when I open my blog this morning to find you girls love my drawing! Thank you so much!

Do you know that both of you are my idols in drawing?:D

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Ah, I really agree with that statement.
I like your drawing too.

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