August 27, 2008

I'm allright being alone but having you around is better

Last night my boyf returned from his home town
visited some of his family. And as soon as he is
back, the house is quickly full with friends hang
out till midnight as usual.

I made this while having a long chat over things
with him and our friends. Our usual night, that
is just give a warm vibe inside my chest.

August 25, 2008

Miss Sunya Raw, A Mega Crafty Chick

This is a tote I made for Miss Sunya Raw, my other crafter
comrade that will be opening a craft shop with me. Miss Raw
must be one of the most crafty chick I have ever met in my

She has all the skills required for a mega crafter from drawing,
painting, sewing, collaging, and God know what else. Oh and she
made an awesome short stories fanzine too! See?

This is her craft blog together with her boyf that is also an artist

You'll be swoon. Trust me.

Our traditional bread guy

Apart from so many bakery shop and big donuts brand being
launched in Indonesia, I am so glad that the traditional brand
of bread is still exist in Jakarta. Although only three of those
brands left and most of them are owned by chinese families.

There is this one traditional bread factory that has been famous
for so long made called Lauw not so far away from my house.
This is their sellers' bicycle. They used to sell their bread from
early morning until about six in the afternoon.

They make loafs and lots of other kinds of breads with fillings
from mocca, chocolate, cheese, cinnamon, etc. The price is
really cheap and some of their fillings are very popular.

Sunny Sunday

I spent last Sunday still in crafty mood together with one
of my crafty comrade. She made plenty of apple cinnamon
cupcakes for her cafe while I made yoyo and round pieces
from cardboards. Plus, starting to make my collage swap
with someone from across the globe. Oh so exciting!

For the first time in my life I put my own artwork
(a paper collage from one of my series) in my studio wall.
It feels so wonderful.

So, how about your Sunday? Tell me about it.

August 20, 2008

Yes, a new series is on the way!

I spent last night trying to find ideas of a collage postcard
for a swap with this one talented dutch gal when I just
quickly made some of these...I really, really like the
overall look of it and I finished two pieces last night.
And you must know how exciting it was when we are
making something and we find a new thing here and there
along the way but they all turned out surprisingly good?
Oh I am such a collage junky lately:)

August 19, 2008

My finger power

I haven't been drawing for ages and suddenly
for the last couple of weeks as if there is this
power that moves my finger to keep drawing
and drawing and drawing unstopably.

As much as I am excited with this fact,
I am also surprised that the style of my
drawing is like repetitive pattern.
I have no idea where do that come from.

Maybe I have been wanting to make my
own fabric design lately:)

Hujan Jangan Marah - a new series of collage

Yes, this is another new series of collage that I finished
this week. Honestly, I never planned to have a new
series since I already finished the three series of my
collages for my exhibition at the end this month.
But then again I must admit that I REALLY REALLY
like this one, a mix of drawing and paper collaging.

I named this series Hujan Jangan Marah (Rain Please
Don't Be Mad) based on the key visuals in a form of
rain drops.
For a closer look of each piece you could see it here

Sunny Sunday

I made lots of this last Sunday at my parents house.
My mom has a cake shop called Mom's Cake
happened to be overflow with orders for the
incoming week. Oh how exciting!

August 15, 2008

May this long weekend be beautiful

Here in Indonesia, we are going to celeberate our
independence day this following Monday. That
means long weekend for everyone. Yay!

Apart of going to my parents house, I'm going to
have a shooting for a documentary on recycling
products with two of my girlfriends. AND, 
open the first exhibition on our space!

Well, I see you on my Sunny Sunday post dearie!
Have a two thumbs up weekend you all.

August 13, 2008

my tiny and chaotic studio named Binal Sintal

One thing about my studio is actually its really dark.
No sunlight whatsoever could go inside it, therefore
I always put the lights on and pick the brightest lamp

Second thing, you hardly can see the floor because of
piles of things scattered all the times. I love it anyway.
And I still hope that I could buy a desk and a chair for
me to work inside it.

The third series of my collages

Finally! The third series of my collages are finished for
the exhibition on the 29th. Oh so so relief! Since I have
been feeling kind a stressed out and disoriented maybe
because of the pressure of timing and all. Plus, instead
of trying to finished them I start to draw again!
Speaking of distractions! But all and all I am really
excited with the exhibition and all these attacks of
creativities! Wooohoo!

Fish is my all time favorite pet

I am so much into drawing lately. Apart from making
collages, I have been drawing and drawing days and
nights making some repetitive patterns and motifs.
I have never been drawing for so long and definitely
not this kind of drawing. Oh how thrilling!
Speaking of the power of our fingers.

August 11, 2008

Sunny Sunday

I spent my Sunday at my bestfriend's cafe. She is such a hugely
talented artist and you can tell from the way she decorates her
cafe in every detail. We both plan to open a craft shop and
an exhibition space on top of this cafe. So far we are doing
a pretty good progress on the space since its opened last month.
Those paintings are made by the other bestfriend of mine that
also be part of us in making the craft shop and exhibition space.
Awesome, eh? Yes, I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a
crafty and talented bunch of gals. Looked how it quickly affects me
in making lots and lots of paper collages lately!
Being creative is addictive.

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