October 23, 2008

me and dreads

I used to have dreads for a really short time, 3,5 months.
But how I knew from then on that I LUV myself in dreads much
better than on my black thick straight hair. And I honestly wish
I could have dreads once again in my life although with Jakarta
devilish weather like today I know that I will have to be REALLY,
really patience in taking care of my dreads. But who knows, right?

And I always love hair accessories for people with dreads
because I found them very colourful, messy and crafty.
Therefore although now I have a short hair (because I have to
cut my dreads afterwards and not seemed to be able to grow
them longer again until now), I'm still into hairbands and such.

So I instantly fall in love with this etsian named Raimbowtree.
Her creations and herself looks like match made in heaven.

Go check her shop, you'll be swoon. Trust me.

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