September 26, 2008

This long holiday and me

Here in Indonesia, we are going to celebrate Idul Fitri.
It's like Christmas but this one for Moslem around tha world.
I will definitely going to my parents and plan a short
travelling with the punk boy of mine. Apart from that,
the making and doing stuff business is still on. Like this
one piece that I believe I will finish next week.

September 25, 2008

Food Stalls Series: Mutton Soup and Satay

Last night I decide to make a new blog post series called
Food Stalls Series. As one foodie lover I have definitely
been in and out of local food stalls for years, in and out
of my city. And I just realized how eclectically interesting
their decor and promotion materials are. Most of them are
handmade and some are just made of plastics, includes
using oil cloth for their table cloth.

This one food stall is selling mutton soup, satay and stew.
It's one very popular street food in Indonesia that usually
opens in the afternoon and closed after 12 PM. A bowl of
soup usually costs from 1-2 dollar while the satay used to
be start from 1,5 dollar per 10 sticks. The satay is only
used sweet soy sauce with chops of green tomatoes, red
onions and chili. Sounds very tasty, right?

September 24, 2008

I wish I could write more

But I am still continuing sewing my red patches piece and having
so many things inside my head and my chest. I guessed it's better
that way until I could sort things out. I know that I have been
doing way too many things in my life that I often forget to take
time and enjoy each of it.

The artwork of Marjorie from marmeecraft that I have been an
eye for finally here with another one of her print. I have also
purchased this swan painting on wood by Miss Raw of
Madame Mundane. I used to make those felt flowers
in boxes and just having them laying around my desk
for inspirations. I mean, with all those colours!
And the last one is one of the collages
swap that I made for Miss Nina Van De Goor.

September 23, 2008

Sunny Sunday

I am still making those red patches pieces, went to this big thrift market
and found this pretty brooch PLUS had a blast all night watching
an accoustical performances of some good friends. I know, what a weekend!

Yours is peacefully pretty, I hope.

September 18, 2008

Flower Patterns And Me: A butter scotch pillow cases

These are just finished last weekend and how happy I am
to see them all! There are four standard pillow cases with
this gorgeous flower patterns on top and a really stamped
and cool linens for their backing. I am using two of them
in my single bed at the moment, I definitely love to use
them all as soon as I have a bigger bed;)

( A really late) Sunny Sunday

I spent my last Sunday mostly accompanying one of my
fave girlfriend having her left arm tattoed with an artwork
from Miss Cristy Road. The tattoo artist is one of the member
of a very famous punk band and collective in Indonesia. I wish
I could have more pictures of their house, but since we were
arrived in the late afternoon already, I decide to just took
some pictures instead. I ahve also start making my new patches
piece that day.
For more of my other patches art piece see them here Oh how I love patches!

September 11, 2008

Flower Patterns And Me: A Black Roses

I have been thinking to take pictuers of all my flower patterns
skirts because I just love, love them. I can keep staring at them
for hours and quickly thinking of making things out of them
after I feel bored to wear them.

I have been making pillow covers, pouches and bags out of
vintage skirts and dresses lately. Some are taken from my
own collections, and some are bought from my regular
second hand clothing shop.

And this one, oh my, this one I got at this one big second
hand market of my favorite for $4. Lucky, lucky me.

September 10, 2008

Someone got inspired last night...

Inspired by gorgeous elephants by this lady
I came up with this one last night.
It might be a good beginning of a new series, I think.

And finally I open my etsy shop.
Oh so so happy. Please do have a visit
and there are some free gifts awaits you
for the first five purchases!
Oh papers, papers, how I love thee.

September 8, 2008

Sunny Sunday

A new haircut, two new design books, a photobooth and
half a dozen donuts. The rest is about staying home with
the boy and hang out with some friends at home.
How's yours?

September 4, 2008

sssshhh! this is just a sneak peek..

i'm not going to tell you what is this for, i just can't stand
to share how wonderful this turn out. i went to bed at 3
in the morning to make this. imagined i said all this in
my whispering voice in your ear.

Those two awesome groups of my collages workshop

On the second day of my collage exhibition we had
all day collage workshop for free and open for
whomever interested to join. So here we are at
noon having four kids and their parents plus a
granny joined us! Yay!

I should say I am so impressed with how fast
they quickly adapt and make their own collages.
Some of them making such an awesome collages
and having such a huge enthusiasm!

For this workshop we are also provide a small
paper pack for those whose interested in buying
it although we have a piles of magazines, glue
and scissors ready to use also that day.

AND, for the second group joined us later that
night are some friends of mine from several
anarchist and punk collectives in Jakarta.
They are into zines, Food Not Bombs
and other activism.
Oh such a complete and fullfilling day!

I keep making these lately..

First it supposed to be the tool for me to make a
round shape on the fabric before I cut them to
make yoyos. But then I start to realize how cool
they are! Cardboard is awesome.

And last week I found an idea what I am going to
do with these. I will show you later on, meanwhile
I am in search of colourful used cardboard with
interesting fonts today.

Have a good week everybody!

September 1, 2008

(Not so) Sunny Sunday

This weekend is such a rainy weekend, even on Sunday.
I spent most of my days in my exhibition together with
Miss Lowquacity. But in the morning I went to this one
bookshop near my exhibition space to had a coffee with
one of my buddy that having the exhibition with me
before he went back to Bandung, his city.

And....I got my first commisioned collage project! Yay!
She's one of the visitor of my exhibition that supposed
to come to buy some brooches from our opening-soon
craft shop. So one way or the other, she got more than
some gorgeous brooches that day.

I am so happy I could die right at this second

This is the display on my collage works during my first
collage exhibition with two good friends of mine.
Thanks to my two mega crafty chicks, Miss Raw and
Lowquacity that finishes this in one night!

At the opening night we had some friendsn of mine
from a hip hop collective called Angkatan Udara
playing for a couple of hours until one in the morning!

Plus, I manage to sell 5 of my collage framed works
in the opening night and several pencil case made
of canvas that I screen printed with the poster of
this exhibition.Oh my fuckin god.
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