August 31, 2010

me and collage : an octopusscissors!

A totally new style piece that I made for this exhibition
in Bandung on the 10th of October organized by this
mega crafty buddy of mine together with my other
talented friends there. Oh this will be in a form of a book
also! Awesomeness! Can't wait!

Sebuah kolase yang saya buat untuk sebuah pameran
di Bandung pada 10 Oktober nanti. Temanya gurita,
dan saya sangat senang bisa ikut karena selain dipamerkan
akan dibuat buku juga! Yay!

August 24, 2010

me and a project: 2kamera

I always want to have a photo blog project since last year,
but not until I met this one extraordinary lad that it finally
came true. We named this photography project 2 kamera,
where two eyes meet on one theme object. Every week, we choose
each other a colour for each other then on Thursday we will
upload the photos. I hope you like it as much as we are!:)

Saya selalu ingin punya sebuah proyek foto blog. Namun
selalu gagal sampai akhirnya saya bertemu Feransis dan
kita setuju untuk mencoba membuatnya. Setiap minggu
kami akan memilihkan warna untuk obyek yang kami foto
lalu setiap hari Kamis jam 9 pagi kami akan memasukkannya
ke blog foto kami ini. Terimakasih, Feransis!

August 23, 2010

Sunny Sunday

These pictures were taken from one of my inspiring friend, Alexandra.
She lives with her two sons and her husband at this small and creative
house where she always prefer to recycle stuff and redecorate once in
a while. She has some of my originals at her house that I have been
feature here before too.Thanks much, Alex! So glad we're friends!

Ini foto-foto dari rumah salah seorang teman yang sangat inspiring,
namanya Alexandra. Dia tinggal bersama dua orang anak lelaki dan
suaminya di sebuah rumah mungil yang keren di Tebet. Alexandra
selalu berusaha mendaur ulang semuanya di dalam rumahnya dan
dia juga memiliki beberapa karya original di rumahnya. Alexandra,
senang sekali kita berteman baik! 

August 20, 2010

me and thrift find: Plasticsaurus!

Things that you find in a big flea market, like this small stage of
performance by these plasticsaurus. Aren't they just so cool?

Saya menemukan sebuah panggung pertunjukan kecil yang
luar biasa ini Sabtu lalu waktu mengunjungi salah satu pasar
loak besar langganan saya. Keren sekali ya?

August 16, 2010

(Not So) Sunny Sunday

With the heavy rain that suddenly pouring and a heavy 
feeling on my chest, yesterday was indeed not a sunny day. 
Even a quick walk at this flea market was only cheer me up 
a bit because I got exactly what I was looking for. Hope your
Sunday is much more happier than mine:)

Bersama dengan datangnya hujan, berantakanlah semua rencana
saya. Minggu yang kelabu, bahkan kunjungan ke pasar loak yang
biasanya menyenangkan pun hanya terasa sebentar cerianya.

August 14, 2010

me and collage : a new piece! yay!

This piece is for a friend's online music magazine.
They started it as a free printed newsletter and
consider really essensial reading for those that
loves alternative and independent music in Indonesia.
And I'm so happy to know that they love it
and might even turn this into a mug too! Yay!

Kolase ini dibuat atas permintaan dua orang
teman yang memiliki sebuah majalah musik
online di Jakarta. Mereka mengawalinya dengan
membuat newsletter musik gratisan dan sekarang
sudah sangat diperhitungkan keberadaannya.
Saya senang sekali ternyata mereka menyukainya
dan konon kabarnya mau dibuat menjadi mug juga!

August 13, 2010

me and flea market : that one afternoon

Nothing beats an afternoon visit to a flea market corner with a friend.
Sore-sore mampir ke pojok loakan bersama teman selalu menyenangkan.

August 12, 2010

Trade Thursday : niminami

I honestly thinks that there is not enough Indonesian
artists that sells their stuff in etsy , therefore imagined
how excited I was to find Noemi's shop one day and
we quickly convos each other and promised to meet
up sometime soon. Aren't all these just so so pretty?
Thanks much for trading with me, Noemi! Let's
try again to meet up:)

Saya senang sekali waktu suatu hari mendapat sms dari
Noemi setelah sebelumnya melihat tokonya di etsy dan
tentu saja langsung jatuh cinta dengan gaya ilustrasinya
yang feminin, lembut dan playful. Karenanya kemudian
kami setuju untuk barter karya dan berjanji untuk bisa
segera ketemuan walaupun belum sempat juga :)

August 11, 2010

me and thrift market: A Tree Of Pretty Plates

This tree is placed in one of the closest thrift market corner
near my office. This is where they put all those vintage and
second hand plates. But until last week for the first time I
was there I notice that they have now cover almost the whole
tree! Oh wow!

Pohon ini terletak di salah satu sudut pasar loak yang letaknya
paling dekat dengan kantor saya yang sekarang. Selama ini
memang digunakan untuk memajang piring-piring antik dan
bekas yang cantik-cantik. Namun minggu lalu saya baru sadar
kalau sekarang piring-piring ini sudah menutupi seluruh batang
pohonnya! Sebuah pohon piring yang cantik kan?

August 10, 2010

me and exhibition: Aprilia Apsari for Codex Code!

I went to the opening of the Codex Code last Saturday night
and instantly in love with this piece by the always inspiring, Miss Sari 
She made this out of jeans and flower cut out fabric pieces. Somehow
her pieces also makes me feel has a friend on this exhibition that
will ended on 22nd of August 2010. Please do check it out my friends!

Saya datang ke pembukaan pameran Codex Code malam
minggu lalu bersama Miss Dindie Mikisi dan langsung
mabuk kepayang dengan karya Nona Sari yang membuat
karya saya terasa ada temannya. Pameran yang bertempat
di ruang rupa ini akan berlangsung hingga 22 Agustus 2010.
Datang ya teman-teman! Dijamin tak akan kecewa!

August 7, 2010

me and bazaar: Bukan Bazaar

These are pictures from the bazaar that I joined in last
Saturday and Sunday. I brought my own display table
in a form of a vintage television cabinet and share it
with the most awesome crafter comrades Mister Fransis ,
Miss Sunya Raw and the following day, Miss Dindie Mikisi 
too. Oh how we had a blast! We manage to meet with
some of the other artists and crafters and of course 
had a collage workshop! Oh thank you Kamar for organized
this! Yay! You guys rocks!

Ini adalah foto-foto dari acara Bukan Bazaar hari Sabtu
dan Minggu lalu. Saya membawa display sendiri dari
rumah berupa lemari televisi antik berbagi dengan para
sejawat hebat seperti Paman Fransis ,Nona Sunya Raw 
dan Nona Dindie Mikisi di hari kedua. Kami juga
bertemu dengan banyak teman-teman baru yang juga
menyukai craft and art seperti kami! Terimakasih buat
Kamar untuk menyelenggarakan bazaar ini! Yay!

August 5, 2010

me and exhibition: Codex Code!

It is a group exhibition where each artists make 
a book as their exhibition material.Initiated from
an art collective in Jogja this exhibition will be
touring to Jakarta and Bandung afterwards.
I make a book made of hankies with machine
embroidery with a message of feelings being
wipe away by a hankies.That's the cover, but
I will share you in details soon;)

Saya diundang menjadi salah satu artis yang ikut
berpameran di Codex Code, sebuah pameran 
dimana setiap artisnya membuat buku. Pameran
yang digagas oleh teman-teman dari Jogja dan 
kemudian keliling ke Jakarta dan Bandung ini
membuat saya mencoba membuat sebuah buku
dari saputangan bekas yang dibordir dengan 
pesan perasaan-perasaan yang diseka oleh selembar

August 3, 2010

me and giveaway: and the winners are...

Yes, I know I have been way too late to announce this and I am sorry.
I decide to pick one local winner and one international winner,
so without further ado they are...

Kriwul: I want to sent a postcard to an old friend of mine. She was my bestfriend, but I lost her. She hates me and stop talking to me for a reason I don't even know why. I keep sending her emails and text her, but she never replies. I call and she never pick up, but I never give up. I know someday she'll talk to me again and it's worth a try.

So, I'll send her a beautiful postcard and I'll write: hey, lovely, it's been 4 years... I'm still here, waiting for you until you're ready to talk. I'll try my best making it up to you.
Let's arrange a meet up, I'll book a flight to your place, let's have a pajamas party like we used to do. I miss your giggles, I miss your long stories, I miss your home made macaroni schottel. it's delicious, did I ever tell you? I miss you, you're my precious friend, and I hope someday we'll be friends again. Hugs and kisses and lollipops for you!

Reenek:  would like to send a postcard to my 5th grade teacher. She was the one who encourage me to become one!!!

Congrats you two! Now send me your mail address and wait for my next giveaway, peeps! 
I honestly blown away with all of your answers, thank you so so much!
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