December 24, 2008

me and holiday: a (really) long list!

1. keep preparing the opening of the craft shop with the girls.
2. totally cleaning out the house.
3. totally rearrange the zine distro.
4. having a small out of town holiday travel with the punk boy.
5. wrapping christmas presents (i know it's way too late already).
6. preparing new year's craft exchange present with the girls.
7. trying to continue writing that book on copywriting.
8. visit my parents and my little sister.
9. making more stuff for my etsy next year.
10. a really good relaxing holiday without having to spend
too much money like I used to.
11. preparing a new series to be exhibit on February.
12. preparing a new series to be exhibit on April.
13. preparing a new series to be exhibit on June.

well, it doesn't sound like a relaxing holiday after all.
isn't it? lol.

me and life: quote of the day

"Whatever it is that you are creating: comix, zine, or maybe you are a doctor or you recycle wine bottles or something, you are keeping yourself alive. You are defending your soul". - Free To Fight! And interactive self-defense project

do you have any quote to share with me today?

me and collages: a valentine series!

Yes, I'm already on the mood of Valentine! Lol. Well at least,
my shop does. I have a chat with one of another etsian and
she speaks about making some stuff for Valentine and it strikes
me how near it is actually. I mean, if you buy one of these like
next week, it will arrive at the third week of January. Ready to
be send and receive by your honey bunny on the second week
of February, right? No?

Anyway, go check them out because I even have a double sided
collage for you! Hot and ready at!

me and my life: questions

1. do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?:)
2. do people believe that some people are more important
than others? everyone IS important.
3. do we as human tend to claim everything is ours on this earth?
4. do we have to fall in and out of love so many times in our life?
5. do we create something called war and weapon?
6. does it is so difficult for some people to accept differences?
7. does it really matter what material you have in your life now?
8. do some people believe that they can own another people?
9. do people are so afraid of the future?
10. do i feel like i have to take a vacation now?
maybe because of I make this post. lol.
* picture is courtesy of

December 23, 2008

me and my life: quote of the day

create more, consume less.

what is your quote today?

December 22, 2008

(yellow and not so) sunny sunday

because i forgot to take pictures when the sun
were shining. this is Miss Tika's backyard on
the grey afternoon. I spent my whole Sunday
there together with Miss Raw, still talking and
eating about our soon to be open craft shop.
now, tell me about your Sunday.

December 19, 2008

me and collages: my first postcard set!

Twenty high quality postcards made of my Nina collage
series. There are only three sets available since I keep
one set for myself.
Yes, they all in my shop already for you to send to the
people that you adore. No, I'm not going to make more
after this. Well, maybe for another collages;)
Go see them at and
sorry for the poor lighting because of our rainy season.

me and that punk boy : things we love today

Our house. That old dusty and messy palace of ours.
Where you can see origami papers scattered around
and vintage pillow cushions in our poor lighting bed
because of this rainy season. Oh how wonderful!

So,what do you love most about your palace?

December 18, 2008

me and collages: bunch of new pieces!

I have been making collages like mad. I think it has something
to do with having two etsy shop and having two sales on each
in one day.Yes, they available today to be taken to your home
at Go check 'em out!

December 16, 2008

me and that punk boy: our etsy shop!

These are ACEO's made by my punk boy. And there are more
of our finger power craftwork will be up there soon. And you
know that this is like our third year anniversary gift actually:)

Yes, we will going to have a banner soon there.

me and collages: a new piece!

This one finished over two scrabble games, one of our favorite
local band live performance CD and a visit from Miss Tika.
Have a two-thumbs up Tuesday everyone!

December 15, 2008

sunny sunday

A good and long sunday. Start with an interesting brunch at
where she cook for all of us and spent the entire day preparing
her, me and Miss Sunya (
Oh and we also met several good friends at Miss Tika's cafe, Kedai.
What a superb sunday I must say. How's yours?

me and exhibition: sari's amazing solo exhibition!

My amazingly talented friend Sari, is having her first solo
exhibition. Apart from drawing she's also knit and
a very famous vocalist of one band called The White Shoes
and The Couples Company. I went to her exhibition
last Saturday and in awe for the whole decoration and her
art. Oh I am so so proud of her!

On this exhibition there so many great ideas on
the medium that Sari uses for her artwork.
She even put this one vintage cabinet where her
friends could put their collectibles to be exhibit there.
I wish I could meet her that day to buy some merchandise
or her artworks but apparently she has a gig in Malaysia!

Can't wait to congratulate her in person! Sari, thank you
for such a gorgeous exhibition.

December 11, 2008

(a way too late) sunny sunday

I walk in a lack of sleep state of being that sunday.
But how sunny that was! After picked up one of my
patches piece at the market I just go straight home
and tried to get some sleep. Of course, failed.
But then I have to go to my parents house for one
of islamic celebration day. so I spend the whole day
and the day after sleeping and watching tv. I know
sounds like a very unproductive weekend,right?
How's your sunday?

me and giveaway: the winners are...

everyone! because you all have been very supportive
with my first giveaway. congratulations GretchenM90,
Sue Cahill, California Country and Isha. I will email you
guys for the delivery of the giveaway soon! Yay!

December 4, 2008

me and collages: a new series!

I have been looking for used and vintage maps for sometime.
But not until last Sunday I accidently found some on a tiny
used book shop where my punk boy used to shop too. That's
where his map collections come from actually.

There are three pieces so far, made of a used postcard as the
backup as my other collages. I haven't decide either to put these
three first on my etsy or wait for more pieces being made. But
how I love these three! Yay!

What do you think?

December 1, 2008

(Sensationally) Sunny Sunday

It feels like a really good revenge after I have to keep
spending weekends at the office for the last two months.
did a two straight days of vintage and crafts shopping together!

Look what I found! Two tin plates and soup jar that I adore
so much everything about them. Some accessories to decorate
the shop, some stuff for our craft bar, and of course some good
local food experiences.
We end the day with a huge glass ice cappucino at Kedai,
Miss Tika cafe on the first floor of our soon-to-be craft shop.
What a glorious Sunday that was! Yay! How's yours?

What a Saturday!

Why it was a superb saturday?

1. I don't have to go to the office like I used to lately.
2. It's not raining until we finished our shopping trip.
3. Ate a homemade ice cream on this old and pretty
ice cream restaurant.
4. Finding some gorgeous fabrics includes an African batik
table cloth, other table cloth with gorgeous plants
illustrations and other little pretty finger power pieces.
5. Take Miss Raw to this amazing old post office building
with some interesting sellers of old ads, photographs
and other paperie.
6. Ate a mango sticky rice at the first day of my period.
7. Checking out one of our inspiring furniture shop.
8. Having to walk for several hours in several floors at
the same time with bundles of stuff in our hands.
9.Spending less than we planned it should be.
10. End the day with playing scrabble for hours with my
punk boy and meet some new punk friends from
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