May 27, 2009

me and work : beautiful two days

I had a commercial shoot at this pretty little chinese temple
last month. I have never been into one and I am in total awe
of all those little details and colors in the whole place, outside
and inside the temple.


our little love nest said...

Gorgeous photos!

vantiani said...

Thank you Dee!
I make TONS of photos and I just wish I stay there longer:)

yoborobo said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Such amazing colors. :)

vantiani said...

Oh Pam, I have been really struggling with the weather too actually during those two days. One day is raining and the other day just really grey, but I just keep click click on my camera so that I can at least have some good ones. Yay!

Glad you love them too.


littlepapoose said...

beautiful ;) great shots

This Sunday Child said...

those drums oh those drums....
and purple incense!

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