May 15, 2009

me and home : my tiny front yard

It's funny how much I love my tiny and messy garden.
Those murals were made by my late cousin couples of
months before he passed away. I have been living at this
house for four years now. A friend said I shall move out
this year for this house has lost its magic.

This house is still the best house I have ever rent so far.
Perfect for everything a house should be. For me and
my friends who loves to hang out there. So many stories.
So many happiness. So many heartaches. So many laughes.
So many fights. So many meaningful bits and pieces like
a perfect home should be. I love you my big pink coccoon.


yoborobo said...

It's a beautiful little garden, and it looks magical to me! :)

vantiani said...

Oh Pam! I am so glad you feel like this about my messy little garden! I think I should print this pictures and framed them in case I move out finally:)

our little love nest said...

Gorgeous little garden. I love the murals and the climbing vine!

vantiani said...

Oh thank you Dee!
It's also amazing how fast this little garden turn into big messy greenery sometimes:)lolitalempicka

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