May 28, 2009

me and friends : our cups of coffee

I love our cups of coffee. Yours is black, mine is light brown. You will mostly make your own, while I prefer to buy them at those cafes. Yours is hot and mine is iced. And we both such a hopeless coffee addicts.

I love our cups of coffee. It's like a sign for a quiet or loud moment between us. Yours with drawing and reading, mine with cutting and gluing. Sometimes we play scrabbles in between. And we will happily share our coffee with whomever that came along that day.

Oh how I love our cups of coffee! Because they will make us talk longer, laughs more and making more arts.


dindie said...

a cup of coffee is such a natural glue...

the tattoo reminds me of some of my friends who got those "tato blok-blokan" (they called it so) heheheh

vantiani said...

Hey Dindie!

Natural Glue! I like that! Haha!
Yes, I've heard that tato blok blokan too before:D

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