May 19, 2009

me and art: i love you

I love my art. I love it for always being there when I need a room to ease my anger, confusion and sadness. I love it for quietly holding me from falling down because of my own stupidities. I love it for making me jump out of the bed in the morning and making me just can’t wait to go home to make some more.

I love my art. I love it for showing me how powerful yet shallow I can be because it’s all in my own hands at the end. My ten nail-bitten small fingers. I love it for telling me again and again that it’s never been about material possessions or money I have in my pocket. I love it how a scissor, a tube of glue and piles of scraps could make me feel so full of life. Or your pencil, eraser and paper do to you. Maybe.

I love my art because it comes from every single side of me, myself and I. Nothing more, nothing else. And I know you love your art too. Thank you for sharing it with me and let me sharing mine with you.


Penny Nickels said...

Beautifully expressed. Your pieces are such a pleasure to look at, thanks for sharing what it's all about for you.

vantiani said...

Do you know that I post this after reading your post on art and craft today? It's an email to a dear friend of mine actually.

Thank you for being so inspiring and making such an awesome craft works, Penny Nickels.


Penny Nickels said...

Thank you! That means so much to me! I was starting to worry that maybe I'd done a poor job explaining those ideas, your kind words mean so much to me!
Also- I've never seen works like yours before. They're absolutely unique and your use of color is amazing!

yoborobo said...

Ika!!! I love your art, too! And I love making things - I think if I couldn't I would go crazy. :) So here's to scissors, and glue, and fabric, and paint and all the yummy things we get to play with - and the great sense of self that we get when we finish a piece. :) Thank you for reminding me how important it is! xox Pam

vantiani said...

Yay! Pam and Penny! Cheers to our arts and our finger powers!

Huge Hugs!

dindie said...

it's such an ease to getaway with arts (especially drawing). sometimes i could be a procrastinator on behalf of drawing...hahhahaha.
all the feelings you wrote, i feel it too :)

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