May 20, 2009

me and giveaway: two art prints!

I have TWO 5 x 7 print of this piece waiting to be send to
her new home. I made this piece when I was really sad
and I believe that every single emotion is inspiring in
its unique way. Now, tell me what is your most inspiring
state of emotion to make things. Leave me a comment and
I will draw the TWO WINNERS next Wednesday. Deal?

And my favorite state of emotion in making things are sadness
and longing. Somehow it drives me in a good way those two:)


KatieEatsCake said...

I LOVE this print! Great colors and variety in pattern. Great work!

My favorite state of emotion to create in is probably excitement. I love creating when I am super energized and overflowing with ideas. However, I am most creative when I am deliriously tired oddly enough!

This Sunday's Child said...

i wanna have! wanna wanna wann have! lemme lemme... please please please....

This Sunday's Child said...

oh i forgot to mantion the emotion thingie...

My best creations came out when i am in a daze on a sort of a dream-like state. I would wake up to the urge of making something and could not give it up until whatever i make finished. I know for sure, if i am too lazy or too tired and decide to pass it up, it would just be forgotten, no matter how hard i tried to remember them.

Anonymous said...

Adorable print!! Love it:)
My favorite state..I usually make things when I'm feeling blue..not depressed but it-just-ain't-my-day blue. it's kind of therapy to me, to make something pretty to cheer myself up:)

саша said...

Usually I deal with vintage things - but I think its also an art to wonder around flea markets or other sources to find a piece you and other people will love. I love to bring old things back to live by finding them a new owner!

As for my mood - I go shopping for vintage only when I feel I should and nothing else bothers me. In bad or unsetled mood it never works.
Sometimes I do paper animals - I do them mostly for friends or close ones, when I want to make them smile!

Thank you for making this give away, Im sure whoever gets it - you will make him/her happy. You have really great works!

Penny Nickels said...

Wow, what a powerful question! For years and years I was a printmaker, and then in 2002 my parents died. I found that I had such an emotional attachment to the printmaking process, and it reminded me too much of my life before their deaths, that I had to give it up, It was too provocative.
So I switched to fiber arts. It was like a clean slate with no associations. I find now that I'm most creative when I'm feeling anxious. Like the act of working on a project is some kind of sympathetic magic. It literally feels like nothing bad can happen if I'm working on something. Over Share! :)

Steppie said...

this might sound really strange, but the emotion that makes me feel most motivated to create is the feeling of 'cute' - most of my work is described as just that, so when i'm feeling cute, my work tends to come out pretty cute too! xo

Dina's writings said...

Hello Vain!
I'm afraid my answer is not very original. Very similar to yours, my state of emotions when triggering me to do something is usually not very stable. I am usually very sad or has just felt somewhat rejected.
Another, slightly more cheerful, music is certainly a huge influence. I get tickled by melodies and lyrics. Strangely, classics, trip hop and gothic music are the most powerful even though those are not really my favorite genres. Maybe I'm just a gloomy person at heart. :D

Redeemed Designs said...

Nice art!

Redeemed Designs said...

Nice art!

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