May 18, 2009

Sunny Sunday

The last weekend for a dear friend of mine here before he's going
back to German. We spent them with craft supplies shopping,
watching movie, drinking coffee, going to galleries, making art,
playing scrabbles and had a picnic at the park with some
of our friends until midnight. So long lovely buddy! Till we met again!


Putu Ditta Agastya said...

kak, aku liat blog lo yang compunk campink ya kalo nggak salah. tas raja singa nya masih ada nggak?

Putu Ditta Agastya said...

thanks before yaa :)

vantiani said...

Sudah habis lama sekali, Ditta.

Putu Ditta Agastya said...

yaaaaaaaah :( oh oke thaks ya kak :)

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