May 22, 2009

me and holiday : a busy one

yesterday was a holiday and i have four collages to be finished.
so i what i did were surround myself with scraps and paperies,
taking a break just for coffee in the morning and breakfast
plus dinner at night and keep cutting and gluing from 12 AM
to 10 PM!

and i haven't been able to finished those collages that supposed
to be submit tomorrow for an art book, BUT..i did manage to have
one new piece that the A4 print now available in my etsy;)


Cuckoo said...

very creative! how to make all those collages?

vantiani said...

I cut out it each and every single rain drop from some snack packs and put them together to form a bubble speech:D

KLBK said...

I love your holiday card so much with the little santa! what is a red gemini?

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