November 27, 2008

me and my soon-to-be-open craft shop: crafters wanted!

Me and two crafty ladies, shali and tika, are opening our craft
and vintage knick knack shop very soon. we are inviting all of
you crafty creatures and vintage lovers out there to join us in
our shop called Bikin Barang (
Apart from making crafts we are also making crafts workshops
and exhibitions to encourage people to do more with their finger
and find their own finger power.
If you are interested to sell your stuff at our shop or just to meet
over a cup of good coffee and crafts making moment, please email
In the name of finger power,
(The Bikin Barang Ladies)


Anonymous said...

yes! count me in for sure

Simone said...

Oh that sounds nice... I really wish I had the time to do more crafting. But anyway: good luck with the project!

vantiani said...

Yes, Hana! I already share your etsy with the girls and they love them too! So glad you are join in!

And Simone, your blog is really really cool! Thank you for stoping by!

Hmmm... said...

waw, can't wait for that craft shop!
smoga semua persiapannya lancar yaaa!

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