November 6, 2008

me and favetsy: marmee craft

I bet many of you already familiar with her, marmee craft.
I know that I have been her fan from the first time I bump
into her blog and still can't get enough of her craftworks.
I think there are some artists that has a very distinctive style
but not all of them are inspirational. Well, at least to me.

What I meant by inspirational is not only her drawing style
that I feel inspired to but also her life. The way she loves to
live close to the forest and everything about it. The way
she makes lots of her dresses in that victorian style and
how gorgeous her Frida Kahlo hair!

Marjorie, thank you for sharing all your pretty finger power
arts and sharing your one of kind of life with me through
your blog.


MarmeeCraft said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MarmeeCraft said...

~Thank You again ever so much for all your kindness and sweet words!

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