November 8, 2008

me and my etsy, my etsy and me

I have been excitedly busy updating stuff
for my etsy this week. I decide not to really
focus my shop only for one type of items but
just everything that I want to put it there.
I know this might not be a good idea,
but I definitely love to give it a try.

I am really having a good time trying things out
in my etsy actually. From pick and choose the items,
taking their pictures, analyzing the prices, and other
elements about it. I know that I am not 'there' yet
but I am really proud of what have I done there so far.

These are collages that I'm thinking of making
them into postcard set and I will be put on my etsy.
What do you think of these? Three of them are
not for sale on my etsy therefore this postcard
set is really one of a kind.


Anonymous said...

hey ika! crazy, i happened to find you when i was looking for other jakarta located vendors on etsy. and i've been meaning to go your new shop/cafe/space in benda atas with mita!
great stuff, especially love the collages. we definitely need to get together, will be in indo for another 3 weeks.
ps. check it out, just updated
see you soon, Hana

vantiani said...

I have checked your etsy and going to add your blog to mine now!


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