November 28, 2008

Me and my bag: being tagged!

Yesterday, I was tagged by Nina
on the content of my bag. Being a more-than-one-bag lady
all the time, I decide to just show you what inside
my PRIMARY bag. Yes, because I usually have a secondary
bag too. I should thanks Nina for this tag, because I have never
realized how much I love to keep my stuff in small compartments
like tin can and crochet or knit pouches before until I do this.

Allright, now the first batch here are as follows:

* My screen printed fabric pencil case. I put every single collage
and writing tools in it and don't ask how heavy it is because
I keep buying more and more tool every time I see something
that I believe might useful.

* Under the pencil case, there is a small tin can with Sid Vicious
picture is for my toothpicks. Yes, it supposed to be a cigarrette box
but since I don't smoke, I just use it for other purpose.

* That red knit bag is my camera pouch. Can you believe that
I bought that pouch first way before I bought the camera?
I found it at this huge vintage market in Medan, North Sumatra.

* Next to my camera pouch is my wallet. Black leather and
simple wallet with a tiny gorgeous detail of a very expensive brand.
I bought it really, really cheap from a friend on her garage sale. Yay!

* That round crocheted pouch is keeping some keys to my shop
and my parents house. Yes, I have tons of keys everywhere I go.

* Those two Lurik (Strips Javanese fabrics) pouches held
my name card and my flash disks. Those two are gifts from a friend.

Okey, now for the second batch:

* That red and white checkers cotton organizer keeps my favorite postcards, bank books and credit cards. I found it in one regular big flea market for
a dollar.

* Below the cotton organizer is my sewing kit and measurement tape where
I put them on this traditional Portugese wallet that I found in a second hand
market for 2,5 dollars.

* Next is my red moleskine as my daily organizer.

* Below it is my handphone pouches, made of batik.

* Allright, there are three stuff on one group there.
1. An envelope of zines that I trade with Cherry Bombe.
2. My house keys.
3. My comb.

* And the last patchwork pouch keep my digital camera

Ffuih! You have no idea how long I create this post
and this could be my longest post so far on this blog.

I pass this tag to:
* Marjorie at
* Fiona at
* Tika at

The rules are:
* Take a picture of the contents of your bag and tell a bit about what's visible in the picture;
* Link to the person who tagged you (that would be me ;));
* Pass the link to three other bloggers and link to them in your post;
* Tell them!


MarmeeCraft said...

Thanks for the tag.;) I'm not sure the frightening insides of my satchel are post-worthy....but I shall try! ;) Your so organized!! :)

vantiani said...


I am so happy that you reply my tag today!

Thank you so much!

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