November 12, 2008

me and family: my youngest sister

Ten things I love about widya rahmaningrum:

1. Her huge understanding on our parents.
2. Her talents in art. She's a violinist, crafter and writer.
3. Her confidence in deciding what's wrong and right for herself.
4. Her faith on her long-distance lover. They both sixteen.
5. Her nickname for me. It's my zine distro name!
6. Her love for food and fashion.
7. Her opinions and views towards things around her.
8. Her talents in cooking and food decorating.
9. Her big nose and black thick eyebrows.
10. Her understanding on her two elder sisters.

I am so lucky to have a youngest sister as cool as you:)


shalimma said...

bajunya kayak "Tini"!!! didot looks gorgeous....
and i love love waht you do with the envelopes

vantiani said...

And esti and I think that the dress looks like Alice In Wonderland! Heheh!

Terus sekarang jadinya setiap ngeliat amplop bekas gatel pengen diapa apain:D

Get well soon, doll!


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