January 30, 2009

me and fabric: friday fabulous fabric!

finally i decide to start my new weekly column. yay!
like the title said i will talk about fabrics and everything
related to it that i like and inspiring. as a sucker for
flower motifs, african batik and vintage fabrics i am
really excited about this column!

now i present you an etsian with the name of wordzoflife
that creates pretty simple heart shape fabric scraps
but somehow totally swoon me from the first time i
found her shop.


Matic Studio said...

thank you for highlighting this wonderful artist! I know she works incredibly hard to create warm fuzzies for the soul, and she has obviously done her job by capturing you so!!!

vantiani said...

Hello Matic Studio!
I certainly believe that it takes an incredibly hardwork to make such a small pieces like that. And yes, I think she does:)

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