January 29, 2009

me and blogging: look what i have learned

* i like the pictures in medium size
* i like each post has picture not more than five
* i like the pictures either all in horizontal or vertical
* i like to edit and edit until the english feels right
* i like having at least once a month giveaway
* i like to have more regular columns
* i like to see what my previous blog looks like
* i like to admit i wish i could write better english
* i like to admit i wish i take better pictures
* i like to see what i have come so far in it

so, what do you like about your blog?


Melisa Sriwulandari said...

I also like my pictures medium sized.

Do you think my blog would have more activity/visitors if I have a giveaway?

Ah, I also wish I can take better pictures, and in fact, yours are already better than mine.

vantiani said...

Melisa, thank you so much for replying this post. I'm excited to share my blogging experience with you!

Giveaway is also medium to promote your stuff itself apart from bringing people to come to your blog, that's what I think. And having new contact and friends wouldn't hurt, right?

But Melisa, you definitely write better English than me:)


Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Well, since I've been teaching English, shame on me if I write badly. lol!
Honestly though, sometimes I feel that I don't write as well as I should. :P

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