January 21, 2009

me and blogging : being a featured blogger for the first time

This morning I open my etsy and find this sweet surprise
email from a fellow etsian named Joyce of
an interestingly pretty jewelry and I really like her blog
with all those white color and chinese writings all over it.

Anyway, she told me in her email that she's done this to me:
and that's the first time I'm being a featured blogger! yay!
So thank you Joyce and I love that question that you
ask me on Hongkong! I certainly wish I can go there someday!


valley ditch ambler said...

Its so great to see how you are able to connect with so many other creative people from around the world through your sites - you are inspiring me to push out onto the internet more! Bravo!

vantiani said...

Good morning, Tara!
Thank you so much for making my day in such a cold and rainy Jakarta today:)

Do you know that your collages is also inspiring to me?


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