January 18, 2009

me and crafts: some old stuff

i love tote bags therefore i make several kinds of them.
not that i sew them since i don't do machine sewing,
but i love picking up the fabrics, design them, thinking
of words of pictures that i will embroidered or silk
screen on them and such. 

and i make wristlet clutch once from a vintage fabric
for an office job. it's supposed to be a benefit bag for 
a drugs free NGO in Indonesia. i really am happy with
how it turned out although afterwards i don't know 
when will i ever make such a clutch again.

i love vintage hankies. i made that pillow cushion
with two big hankies and a white pom pom. it
turned out so cute! but at the same time i realize
that to find the right size and motifs of hankies that
perfect to be mix match together is definitely not
easy. therefore i haven't make any until now.

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