February 20, 2010

me and ubud : their beach

Oh the beach! It called White Sand Beach and how it
perfectly describe it. I haven't been to a beach for
swimming and all for years and this is what I got? Woot!
We went there on my first week in Ubud and spent
the whole Sunday swimming, reading, sun bathing and
snorkling for the first time!

It was 1,5 hour drive from Ubud and its worth every
second of the trip I tell you. The place is pretty secluded
by this small village and a wood to reach it but once you
were there, you will never want to leave. Trust me.
Love to get back there when I'm in Ubud next time.

1 comment:

widyarahma said...

waaaah yang baru ke white sand beach hhahahaha

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