February 15, 2010

me and ubud: my sister's little forest

I will leave Ubud on Wednesday, back to Jakarta.
I've been having such a tremendous wonderful time
thanks to my succulent sister, her friends and of course
her shiny little forest that I walk by every morning
before having a breakfast with her.

Oh, do you notice how often I post nature's pictures
on this space since I'm in Ubud? And for all these,
I should be back soon;)


Nauli said...

Looks a bit like paradise... where animals are free... dan mangga dan rambutan jatuh dari pohon langsung ke mulut.

vantiani said...

Oh benar sekali!
Di hutannya itu ada pohon rambutan,manggis, durian, mangga dan entah apalagi yang biasanya begitu matang adikku pasti kebagian!

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