February 16, 2010

me and ubud : their handmade plushies

These are just some fabric plushies made of scraps
that I often see at my regular seamstress or at the
market. There is one more creature that I forgot
to take picture of it but these four I hope it's pretty
clear to show creative and fun those local Ubud
crafters are:)

Oh the third picture is actually a sling bag too!
And my favorite is the second picture while I
bought one of those clowns a long time ago
and just loving it!


verypurpleperson said...

These are beautiful! I love those faceless girls (?) with a pair of big tooth and tongue sticking out! Creepy yet wonderful!

Erica said...

wow, those are very interesting and unique!

vantiani said...

Oh I wish I can show you the big face scary hair creature plushies, Novita! You will love him too, I bet:D

Gus Dark said...


It's me Gus Dark, nice blog and wonderful art ... u have talent!!! ... well maybe next time you can go to Las Vegas ... hehehhe

check out mine at ww.artinbali.blogspot.com and my tees design at www.darkade-clothing.blogspot.com, more stuff to come ... ;)


dindie said...

ikaaa...ayam-ayamannya menarik mata tapi ternyata juwelek...

vantiani said...

Gus Dark! Terimakasih buat kunjungannya ya, sayangnya blog kamu nggak bisa dibuka:(

Mungkin salah penulisan alamatnya?
It's been pleasure meeting you at Biasa the other day and hope I catch you again on my next trip to Bali!

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