June 23, 2009

me and crafts : making, buying, selling

Apart from making collages and sewing patches, I have been also
into designing and making other stuff with some awesome friends.
I don't do machine sewing but I love to upcycle fabrics and stuff.
These are some stuff that I designed and sell them here

I make tote bags from old tshirts, oil cloth, vintage dresses and
rice sacks. I'm also love screen printing and put them in vintage
hankies. My other stuff that I sell there include vintage findings
like glasses, lamps, pillow cases and throws, enamel trays and I
believe that there are more to come. So now you know where all
those flea market shoppings go apart from my own home:)

1 comment:

Dina's writings said...

ugh that bag is gorgeous.
Miss you ika

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