June 18, 2009

me and etsy : happy birthday, baby!

Etsy is a Gemini. Just like me. The difference is she's such a young
lady of 4 year old, and I'm a 34. Speaking of age difference. But!
Not even once I feel there is something called GAP between me
and etsy. I mean, she understands me so well with all those
storque articles and tips. Things that she likes are most of the
time the same like the one that I like. We send each other quizes
of what we need once in awhile and she knows exactly how to
make a sale in my shoppe feels more like a festival than price
reduction season! What a pair of friends we are, I tell you.

Anyway, happy birthday etsy! Thank you for being you.



our little love nest said...

I am a Gemini too. I think that is so neat that you and Etsy are too! xo

vantiani said...

Dee! Yes, Julia Pott and Amanda from Tree Fall Design are also a gemini ladies! Yay! LOL.

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