June 12, 2009

me and etsian: spacejam

Alexandra aka spacejam (http://www.spacejam.etsy.com/) sent
these yesterday. Oh how I love them! Since this is the first time
someone sent me pictures with my arts displayed on their house.
It gives you an interesting tingle in your heart, I tell you.

I met Alexandra through etsy chat and we've been friends ever
since. She's a Russian who lives and works in German, therefore
she has so many gorgeous vintage stuff from Russia and other
parts of the world in her shop. Thank you so so much, Alex!


саша said...

You are mostly welcome!! I was really happy (why wa?? still am ==))) to meet you on Etsy.

I love your works a lot!!
Take care


KLBK said...

this is a wonderful post!! What a nice blog. Lol I'll send you pictures *anyday* of your art in my house :)

vantiani said...

Oh you two!
Thank you for making my Saturday morning starts with a big smile:)



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