June 17, 2009

me and etsian: CakeEaters

I love embroidery, and I love Katie's. Well, I love her blog too
actually. And Katie loves chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
Plus, the best part of cake that she loves is the cake itself.
Of course. Oh my! So many love exchanges her between
Katie and me. Yay! Who is Katie again, you may ask..

"My name is Katie Baird and I am a sophomore at Millikin
University in the oh so charming city of Decatur Illinois.
I am currently earning a BFA commercial art/computer
design degree with an emphasis in drawing.
I spend most my time doodling, embroidering,
making softies, knitting, eating olives, paper cutting,
and staring at my bun Rothko.
other interests include antique collecting, coffee,
worms, animal teeth, lemons, patron saints, lomography,
x-rays, trumpet solos, veladoras, fishing lures,
ornate gold things, cute animals, typography,
vintage children’s book illustrations, feathers,
peppermint, tap dancing, side shows, sea glass,
apothecaries, teacups, totem poles, and marigolds."

Such an interesting lady, right? And to know more
about her you can go here http://www.katieeatscake.com/
Oh you will be swoon, I know you will!:)


KatieEatsCake said...
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KatieEatsCake said...

Thanks so much for this beautiful post! I love your blog!

Katie Eats Cake

our little love nest said...

Such perfect loveliness in work and personality! Love it! xo

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