June 22, 2009

me and collage: three new pieces! yay!

The piece with so many stamps on them is for two of
my good friends. They're going to get married next year
but I'm thinking of making them a way early wedding present.
And the third one was finished last Saturday with the idea of
turning it into a party invitation note cards. What do you think?

While second one with fabric and paper on it is a small series
of three pieces. This is the first piece. And those two will soon
available at my shoppe as print and cards. Sweet.


zeropumpkin said...

oh nice nic..i like the japanese 1 :)

vantiani said...

Hey, Pauline!
Thank you so much!
I really like that one too, but I have to admit that making them is require much more patience than the paper one:D

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