September 4, 2008

Those two awesome groups of my collages workshop

On the second day of my collage exhibition we had
all day collage workshop for free and open for
whomever interested to join. So here we are at
noon having four kids and their parents plus a
granny joined us! Yay!

I should say I am so impressed with how fast
they quickly adapt and make their own collages.
Some of them making such an awesome collages
and having such a huge enthusiasm!

For this workshop we are also provide a small
paper pack for those whose interested in buying
it although we have a piles of magazines, glue
and scissors ready to use also that day.

AND, for the second group joined us later that
night are some friends of mine from several
anarchist and punk collectives in Jakarta.
They are into zines, Food Not Bombs
and other activism.
Oh such a complete and fullfilling day!

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