September 1, 2008

(Not so) Sunny Sunday

This weekend is such a rainy weekend, even on Sunday.
I spent most of my days in my exhibition together with
Miss Lowquacity. But in the morning I went to this one
bookshop near my exhibition space to had a coffee with
one of my buddy that having the exhibition with me
before he went back to Bandung, his city.

And....I got my first commisioned collage project! Yay!
She's one of the visitor of my exhibition that supposed
to come to buy some brooches from our opening-soon
craft shop. So one way or the other, she got more than
some gorgeous brooches that day.

1 comment:

FastRi said...

Wah, ada brooch, tentu isteri saya menyukainya. saya berharap akan menjumpai orang-orang seperti kamu atau kedai kamu di malaysia ini.

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