September 25, 2008

Food Stalls Series: Mutton Soup and Satay

Last night I decide to make a new blog post series called
Food Stalls Series. As one foodie lover I have definitely
been in and out of local food stalls for years, in and out
of my city. And I just realized how eclectically interesting
their decor and promotion materials are. Most of them are
handmade and some are just made of plastics, includes
using oil cloth for their table cloth.

This one food stall is selling mutton soup, satay and stew.
It's one very popular street food in Indonesia that usually
opens in the afternoon and closed after 12 PM. A bowl of
soup usually costs from 1-2 dollar while the satay used to
be start from 1,5 dollar per 10 sticks. The satay is only
used sweet soy sauce with chops of green tomatoes, red
onions and chili. Sounds very tasty, right?

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