December 28, 2009

me and craft : it FELT good to be back!

If you asked where all those rain drops/flower petals or
that shape of paper that I often use in my collages, they
all start from these bunch. A big bunch of felt corsages
that I used to make like crazy three years ago. And
this christmas I have been really curious to make some
tree ornaments with it so voila!

So apart of making pompoms, I have been also busy
making these new bunch of pretty ladies. I have a big
plan for them next month;)


Spacejams Vintage said...

Love your felt items!!!

Lora said...

those are SO CUTE!!

vantiani said...

Hey, ladies! Hugs!
Thank you soo much!
Happy to know you love them too:)

dindie said...

ika, aku mau yang buttonsnya garis2 itu yaaaa

vantiani said...

Oh tentu Dindie, tentu:)

dindie said...

thanks ika for delivering it and for the m-a-r-v-e-l-o-u-s lunch yesterday.

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