December 4, 2009

me and mecca : henna, anyone?

Henna, a popular Indian technique of coloring made of herbs, is also
very popular among Arab people. I see all kinds of henna in the
markets near my hotel in mecca. I heard they are much easier
to apply and stay longer compares to those in jakarta.
Look, even their packagings are so pretty, right?


Spacejams Vintage said...

looks cool!!

Henna by Heather said...

Thank you for sharing these photos! My favorite henna is Jamila Henna from the Punjab, and I stock it here:

...but I would LOVE to get my hands on some of the henna they sell in Mecca, to give it a try! Could you perhaps ask around about what henna powder there is considered to be the best, and let me know...?

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