December 9, 2009

me and bags : my kind of bags

Apart from being a sucker for tote bags,
these are the other kind of bags that just
make my heart skip a beat everytime I
see them. I believe you can see why I just
feel like I have to have them all:)

I will take more pictures of my collections.
These are just some of them and others that
I sell at my craft shop. What do you think?


dindie said...

those are the bags that make my heart skipped too, Ika...

vantiani said...

oh this is so cool!
we should do the shopping together then;)

cecilliahidayat said...

ini bikin sendiri Ka? woooooow! :D

vantiani said...

Ya enggak lah ya cecil,my fingers not yet that powerful:D

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