May 10, 2010

Sunny Sunday

These are taken from my last Sunday at my
youngest sister's room. She was having fever
and also my mom and dad. Not a good feeling
Sunday at al I tell you. And at the same time
I have been spending almost 12 hours every
day in my temporary office for a so much fun
project that I can not tell you now;)

Anyway, the last time I visit her room was
like a couple of months ago so I was really
happy to find these pieces last Sunday. She
just recover from her fever today and I can't
wait to paint things together with her!


Dindie said...

aku suka sekali centong nasinya

vantiani said...

wah! would you like to do an art swap with her? she will be delighted!

Dindie said...

oh mau dong ya :) tapi nanti habis crafty days ya :)

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