May 7, 2010

me and malaysia : malacca part one

Before I will show you more about Malacca on its 
beauty nooks and cranny part of it, I will share you 
the hotel that we're stay in for the night. It's more
like a guest house in this Chinese area surrounded
by clubs, bar and coffee shop apart of many choices
of hotels and inn. 

To me this guest house is like those old and dirty
cheap hotels from Wong Kar Wai's films with those
yellow, green and blue everywhere. I wish I could
show you the receptionist area too then you will
get a complete picture of what I'm talking about.
Wait for my second part of Malacca!

1 comment:

Dindie said...

2046 dengan tokoh utama mbak ika dan mas ari...hihihih. I wonder where did they plant the hollow tree to whisper our secret.

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